Anyone disappointed with Chanel quality? Returning my first purchase

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  1. Hi guys -

    I know I am probably walking into a lion's den here, but I was wondering if maybe you guys had some feedback.

    My first Chanel purchase arrived today, a large city rock bag. I don't love it. I wasn't really even excited by it. And that made me feel guilty. Am I the one missing something here?

    I didn't go for a classic flap because I don't like the style (I like a bit edgier) and although I like the boy, I've read about issues with quality there too - denting on top, cheap interior fabric, loose threads.

    Here's the thing, my nearly 4k bag, which is for sure cheap for Chanel, FEELS cheap. The leather (goatskin) feels like paper. The bag weighs about 6 ounces, maybe, it seems. I don't like heavy bags, but c'mon, gimme some of it for the heft! The interior is fabric. The lock is hard to close. The chain strap doesn't double, isn't adjustable, and is not long enough for anything other than a shoulder bag. It wasn't a holy grail moment. And I am so sad.

    I'm happy to pay more for sublime quality (and have been on a buying rampage with Dior and some higher end LV - the GO-14's put this one to shame from a quality perspective) but I am just not "getting it" - the quality, the hype, the reason for the ubiquitousness.

    Am I the crazy one?

    Thank you KINDLY in advance for any education or perspective!
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  2. Oh that's awful. Do you have a pic of this bag? Did you try it on or was it bought with pics online via SA?

    4K is an expensive bag, maybe it's just not the right one. Did you see the Chevron So Black Reissue that has an edgier look? I remember your reveal and thought it was a great looking bag, I remember seeing it last year. You might have a point about the lock being hard to close.....but if you're not happy, don't feel bad about returning.

    Sometimes it takes a while for a bag to grow on you. Goatskin is great for durability and lightweightness. Don't mistake the lightness of the goat for 'cheapness'. I have found it wears like iron..
  3. Thanks for posting! Ok, so here are pics of the bag, and on me. First I know I should have gotten the medium size, not the large, but the SA was all pushing the large cuz I am tall. But it's too big. I live in a mountain area so ordered from the store I was familiar with, and closest to, in Las Vegas. So the bag LOOKS great. No issue there. It just doesn't FEEL the cost. I just think somehow I am uneducated and that maybe paper leather and no weight bags are like, more superior. I did get a Diorama this week, and of course the 3 GO-14's, and omg the quality just exudes. Maybe it's because I ordered a fashion piece and not a classic?

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  4. I like your suggestion! The so black chevron reissue is great!!
  5. Since this is your first Chanel and if you cannot get to a boutique, You might want to order a few different styles and try them on. I know you said you do not like classics, but The jumbo is a nice, durable "heavy" bag. In the past year, my various personal shoppers have gotten me hooked on classics (i used to not like either). They have been suggesting both jumbos and medium large double flaps and i have been buying and enjoying!!
  6. I think it would be a better size for you. You are tall but slender and I can see the bag looks big. It also might be awkward if you don't carry a ton of stuff. The Reissue is also light but the chain dbls up as well and it might feel more luxe, for sure it will feel edgier.

    The seasonals are usually lined with fabric; personally I like them because they are lighter and less expensive-usually. The classics are beautiful; there are lots of threads on here about the jumbo's and while nice, they can be heavy.

    There are a few crossbody options coming out, maybe you'd rather have that?
  7. This looks huge on u!! If you're underwhelmed, send it back and wait for something you love. There are some amazing sounding bags coming out for pre-fall and fall acts I&II as for quality.... I have to be honest and agree with you. I bought a beige Clair m/l CF late last year and had to send it straight back for repair of leather peeling away from the strap even before I carried it!! So disheartening after paying over 5k for it. The older bags are much much better quality in my humble opinion, but with Chanel, you're just completely drawn in. It's still my fav brand but I'm very picky now about what I will buy bc of these quality issues.
  8. I agree with the others, it does look large against your frame.

    If you are spending that much I would book a trip to a boutique and try a few until you find the perfect one for you.

    Good luck
  9. Yes, crossbody is my wheelhouse for sure. I am willing to wait for the "perfect Chanel" for me, and was just so sad because of today. You're giving me hope! I will ask her about both the reissue and coming crossbody's for f/w 16? Again, your feedback is much appreciated. I have sort of created a handbag "Christmas Tree" in my head, and I was waiting for the right Chanel to put on the top.
  10. That's a great suggestion, and I did present that to the SA I was working with. I heard her dismay when she realized that there would be a return without another purchase or exchange, but I am in Vegas frequently, enough to stop by. Just not in the next month or so ;)
  11. Thank you for the honest reply. It seems, from many hours reading and researching, that it can be a hit or miss. I am a little peeved because I told the SA my width in bags should absolutely not exceed 10", 8-9" is preferable. She sent this behemoth. Then, in asking about other bag options, she kept ratcheting back up to the Jumbo's and XL's. I was like SMALLER I WANT SMALLER. Felt like an upsale. She said she would send me a return label, and that was 6 hours ago (they are still open). I hate pushing to be able to return, and I do it so infrequently.

    When I told her what I was looking for, all she came back with was pics of the classic flap, with *gold* hardware. Ugh. Sigh.

    Maybe I should walk away before I am drawn in? Hmmmm....I am sure if I stick around long enough it WILL happen!! :roflmfao:

  12. Tracey you are hilarious!! Sounds to me like you need a new SA ASAP!!! Doesn't she know the trend is currently small, mini, micro and nano??! you may also want to check out Chanel stock thread in the shopping subforum - such a great way to see the bags coming out for current and future seasons from so many dept stores aside from the boutiques! I know they all buy a variety of things (i.e. Some have other hardware choices, colors, etc that others don't). This is another reason why I have more than one SA I go to (boutique and dept store) so I have a variety to choose from. Send it back! And just wait for the perfect bag. It will speak to you. And I think you should give Chanel another chance, don't walk away!!
  13. I agree with the other posters...I think this bag is too big. I don't think you should give up on Chanel just yet...after seeing your mod shot...I think a Chanel boy in the old medium size would be perfect for you if you want that edgy look. Try a black one in lambskin. People really underestimate Chanel's lambskin...I LOVE it!
  14. I am getting some of my mojo back with your comments, and thank you again. I've got to shake off the Wizard of Oz curtain moment, and reignite the fantasy. Just gonna take one hell of a bag, but the good news is, I do believe it's out there! It's also quite possible I have the wrong SA, who might be stuck in a time capsule permanently. Big bags were great until everyone showed up with sciatica.

    I will check out the reference threads. Bags multiple ways is the thing now, and I would love a top handle, crossbody, side pockets beauty. Dreaming....:party:
  15. Are they super hard to find? I don't want to buy a pre-loved one, but do really like the chevron lambskin. It's hard to know what's "out there" - the site is elusive, the SA's are elusive, I guess that's why we chase. I probably just need to get myself to a store and see, touch and feel don't I?