anyone disapointed in amarante?

  1. I went in yesterday to pick up a cles or ludlow, excited from what I saw from pictures here.. but when i saw it I wasn't wowed. I was hoping for some glitz and sparkle, and more color. I may get an agenda in it if its released though. Do you think maybe it was just the lighting? Should I give it a second chance?
  2. My SA said she didn't like it when she first saw it yday but today in the store liked it better. Apparently they changed the light bulbs in the area where the amarante pieces were. I think lighting does play a big part. It's not a bag that would really stand out at night, but in day, and in good lighting, beautiful!

    I will say that the fingerprints are something that annoys me. They really, really stand out.
  3. someone's going to come beat me... but im not a fan of dark colors at all except black.
  4. I'm actually quite pleased with Amarante- I'm glad it's darker than just a regular aubergine or other purple.
  5. I think the Amarante Vernis is pretty but I hate how fingerprints show up on it. I bought the Amarante Inclusion bracelet, but their does seem to be a quality problem with them. I looked at several bracelets at 3 different stores and they all had white streaks/flaws in the bracelet. I still own the bracelet and have given up looking for the "perfect" bracelet, but it's annoying that there is a small white streak in the bracelet that I settled with....
  6. I haven't seen it IRL yet, from what I see here it looks nice.
  7. not really disappointed. Just not my type. too dark for me. Needs the sunlight to bring out its beauty. dark when in room
    personal taste
  8. I love Amarante, it's so different and gorgeous. I saw the bags on the shelves today (not many at ALL, only a Reade, Bedford and a Houston) and they were sparkly and amazing.
    I'm in :heart:.
  9. I have yet to see it irl-but I really want to get something in this color. Looks to yummy to pass up
  10. didn't like it at 1st but this colour just grows on me :heart:
  11. definitely not my type..too dark..for some reason i feel it's the wrong time of the year (summer) to bring this line out...fingerprints...and i dont feel it looks good with patina..unlike noisette!

    just my opinion *dashes away* :smile:
  12. I also think that the Amarante is very dark with patina! I like the colour on the pics and at the store, but not for me personally.
    First when I saw it I would buy one bag in this colour, but now I think: let it be.:sad:
  13. Love the colour, but can't handle the finger prints:sad:

    Shame, but there is no point me buying any other pieces (already returned a wallet) because I would be obsessed about cleaning it every couple of minutes:nogood:

  14. I first thought the same thing too -- but I keep getting NM e-mails telling me to click on to see pre-fall this and pre-fall that -- I figure that this is kind of LV's pre-fall! Everyone will be going ape for fall stuff after the Fourth anyway.
  15. I went to look yesterday. I think it looks gorgeous on more elegant bags like roxbury and sunset.

    I don't like it on bedford, not on summit either :sad:

    I love the accessories though :smile: