Anyone direct me to a picture of their Whiskey Edith?

  1. Does anyone have it in their Showcase? Thanks!
  2. wrong bag. i don't have an edith.
  3. wish i could help, but i have the grey, not the whiskey.
  4. If you do a search for Chucky, you will find several Whiskey EDith bags and lots of fun reading! :lol::biggrin::P
  5. Oooh! Thank you, this helps alot with understanding the variations with this bag!
  6. Here are some pics of my whiskey Edith. The first three are indoor...
    Edith in chair 2.jpg Edith in Chair.jpg Edith in chair side view.jpg Edithoutsideshade.jpg Edithoutsidesun.jpg
  7. i have a pic with a fendi b bag in the general bag area
  8. Here is my baby. She said that I needed to post pictures of her and that I really should get rid of any thoughts of selling her since she's made herself at home.
    Whiskey Edith3.JPG WEdith1.JPG
  9. That is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for posting it. TI think this is Chloe's most versatile color.