Anyone dealt with seller:: "espotstore"

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  1. I just recently bought an item.. its been about 3/4 days now.

    I have sent about 4 emails inquiring about the payment -I need to know before I send out the money order.

    They clearly state in their listings that if they dont get the payment in 5 days, they will leave negative feedback and relist the item. I really really love the item that I bought.
    I sent an email to the seller via ebay and by their customer service email, and still no responses.

    Im just not sure what to do now? Perhaps.. its just because of Christmas (im hoping!).. But 1. I do NOT want negative feedback and 2. I want to keep the bag that I won..

    So has anyone dealt with these people?
    Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS:yahoo:
  2. Hi sorry to be of no help, have never dealt with this seller but I think they'll make an exception since it's X'mas...and also it's not your fault - they didn't respond in time...I doubt they will leave you a negatuve feedback because of this.
  3. Thanks for your help!! I really appreciate the reassurance!.
  4. And I guess if they did leave -ve feedback you could reply explaining something along the lines of 'was keen to make prompt payment but Christmas intervened' . . .or similar?
  5. Please protect yourself and pay by Paypal if you can. Do not send a money order. No matter how much you love the purse.

    So what if they leave you a negative? You did your part and tried to get in touch with the seller. Just save all correspondances sent.

  6. They have close to 2300 feedback with 100 percent. I definitely would feel fine about them. Also, I agree about an M.O., better to pay via paypal but since they have a great reputation I think you are safe! Keep us posted!
  7. Thank You guys, you all helped me soo much!