anyone dealt w/circuit city extended warranty??

  1. ok so I got this printer back in 05 that is supposed to be a stand alone type all in one (fax, scan, copy, print). Since I got it, it has not scanned by pushing the button on the scanner, I have to go throught the comp to get it to scan (which you're not supposed to have to do). So I tried to take it back to exchange but CC told me that I had to go through HP to do it. SO I tried HP 3 diff times and they couldn't get it to work either and each time I was on the phone for about 1-2 hrs. So finally I gave up and decided that I would wait for the 1 yr warranty w/HP to expire then go through CC extended warranty. So then I forgot all about it cuz I was just so used to going through the comp to get it to scan. Well about 3 weeks ago I came across my receipt and saw that I had one week left of my warranty. SO I called CC and they said they'd sent me a replacement, new printer. SO I get it today and it SERIOUSLY looks like it just came out of someone's house! It is totally scratched up, has sticky brownish stuff all over the bottom of it and there's a paper towel in between the scanner glass and lid. WTF?? Also it came wrapped in plastic, not in the OEM box w/ink, cd software or anything. I called up CC and they said I had to call this other company that they subcontract with. Well that company sounded as if they didn't care but said they would send out a replacement. Again I have no idea if it'll be new or refurbed. But here is the best part:

    THEY WANTED ME TO KEEP THE CRAPPY, USED, STICKY, DIRTY PRINTER THEY SENT ME and send back mine which is pretty much is great condition back to them. I told the guy he was crazy and that there was NO WAY I was gonna keep that filthy thing.

    The company they subcontract with is called Cyber-Test.

    So my question is..........has anyone dealt w/the CC extended warranty company or the above^^ and did you get a new or refurbed unit and how was it sent to you (in oem box or just by itself)?? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and I called CC back and asked a supervisor if I got another crappy printer, then what. He said call us back and we'll go from there but I doubt it'll happen again since they already messed up. Gee thanks buddy, glad to see I spent $400 on a printer that doesn't work as it should and you won't do anything about it!!

    I want to know why I have to go through all this hassle when their policy clearly states:
    Hassle-free repair or replacement, including parts, labor and shipping

  2. I have no idea about their extended warranties, but i work at Best Buy, and I guarantee you that we don't pull crap like that. Several years ago, before I worked at Best Buy, I did have a CC service plan on my laptop, and i remember very clearly that one of their service guys on the phone said that if i needed to have my laptop switched out, the one i received might be refurbished, which i thought was crap. i'd just forget the whole thing, honestly, if scanning through the computer isn't that much of a hassle for you.
  3. I had the same issue with Circuit city, I initially bought a printer through CC and had no problems with the exchange (took it into the store and they gave me a brand new one on the spot from the store) so when I bought a second printer I bought the extended warranty. But when that printer stopped turning on I took it in expecting to be able to just exchange it again and they told me to call this number to have them send me a new one. They sent me this used one that didn't work either! it came wrapped in plastic like you described without the OEM box. It took me 3 tries to get one that worked... what a hassle I'll never buy from CC again! :tdown:
  4. Isn't Circuit City the one that's closing the doors? They are declaring bankrupcy, no? Thought I saw that on my AOL Homepage a week or so back.
  5. I think you're right, I haven't seen any official documentation of it but they've closed all their brick and mortar locations in my area in the last year.
  6. I worked for Circuit City for 8 years. And for printers they always replace with a refurbished one, I 'm not sure about how good the new warranty company is becuase it was Circuit city when I was there. I'm sure if you call their coorperate customer service line and complain enough they will take care of it. Otherwise get the Store manager where you bought it from to take care of it. If he doesn't call the District manager. But 99% of the time the store manager doesn't want to hear from the District manager about some small issue that he failed to take care of. There is always a way to get what you want with them.