Anyone deal with "Bagteria" on eBay?

  1. Mods- Please re-direct me if this is in the wrong place. Sorry!

    I was wondering if anyone had purchased anything from Bagteria on eBay???

    They have a great rating w/ many transactions. I am interested in a blue LV Suhali bag that they have. I would link it but YES I am tech. challenged & do not know how!

    My concern is that they are located in Indonesia.

    Any thoughts, comments, ideas or actual dealings w/ these folks?

    Thanks guys!:heart:
  2. Hi! If you're asking about authenticity, please post in the Authenticate This! sticky we provided in the LV Shopping sub-Forum.
    If just a general question about them, ask in the LV Shopping Forum please since you're interested in their LV item.

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  3. Okay! Thanks Swanky! Sorry!
  4. Hello, I'm from Indonesia, too but she lives at Jakarta and I'm in Surabay ( different city and island ). She's staying at Swiss and periodically back to Jakarta.

    I saw her Suhali L'Ingenieux PM but I'm not sure if it's great deal. I noticed 2 in Plum selling for $1499.
  5. I bought a great bag "off-auction" from her - she's really lovely, prompt communication and the bag arrrived super-quick, nicely packaged with a lovely thank you note from her inside. My only regret was I couldnt leave her a super feedback because our transaction was outside eBay. Its a risk I took, but it was worth it... hope that helps.... best of luck!
  6. I have bought from her. Her communication is lousy in my opinion, but maybe I caught her in an off week, (she doesnt return emails or questions very well) but she has great items. I would buy from her again.
  7. I bought a Vuitton Ellipse from her a couple of years ago now I think it was and it was great - I still have it. I had it authenticated by LV. I had no problems at all with her.
  8. I bought a bag from her a long time ago. It arrived in a flimsey box and threads were loose. I sent photos and she offered to have it fixed but insisted that it wasn't like that before shipping. She also said it was new but I think it had been used at least a few times. The hardware was scratched, it made me wonder.

    I won't buy from her again.

    I think her items are on the high price range.
  9. I bought from her and i'd buy from her again. she's a great seller!
  10. i plan on buying a lv from her but sent her a message twice and no response at all. my concern is the shipping. don't know if other than the shipping cost listed i will have to pay extra charges like custom fees, tax, etc. so i any of you guys know, please post. TIA!
  11. I have bought from this seller, and everything was great!
  12. I have bought from her and I didn't have to pay any customs fees.
    The bag was sent securely boxed, wrapped and inside it's dustbag. I would definitely buy from her again. The LV I bought was in better condition than described.
    The only "problem" which Bagteria couldn't control was tracking through USPS. Usually when I have bought from Asia, I was able to see when the bag entered Customs and when it cleared. This time I only saw that it cleared customs but that was it. I took a guess and estimated the time it would take to arrive at my post office. When I arrived at 1040 1 day later, the bag was scanned in at 1033!! I was so HAPPY!!

    I :heart: Bagteria!!