Anyone Custom Order a MC White Speedy?

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  1. I have never made a custom order at LV, but was wondering if anyone has ever made an order like this....

    MC White Speedy in the shape of the Monogram Speedy 25, without all the extra hardware, and four corners.

    Would anyone order this if they could? I would.

    Any tips that I should know about making such a type of order?

    Would it look 'fake'? I don't believe it would, but it would be for me to personally to enjoy. I wouldn't want the inside to be the red interior as well, but somehow canvas like the Monogram Speedy.

    I wonder if they will ever make a Speedy like this. I wish they would.
  2. I have a number of completed special orders with LV and a MC speedy 25 was one of which they declined to complete. I was informed by my LV SA that LV did not except special orders for the multicolore canvas.
  3. I asked the Leathergoods Mgr. at my LV about this "plain" speedy a couple of years ago -- I'd also love a MC Speedy without all the extra hardware, etc. She said it was not possible -- that since there is already an MC Speedy, they would not change the style of the bag for a Special Order. I also think she said something about not being able to S.O. any bag in MC.
  4. That is too bad, because I would love the size in the 25. That is the only reason why I didn't go with the Speedy 30 in MC White, because for me, it was a bit big for me, so I chose the beautiful Beverly MM.
  5. I would even ask if they could make the Speedy as it is in size 25, but they probably wouldn't do that then with all the hardware. awwww
  6. Personally, I think the White MC Speedy without the hardware would look fake. I don't think LV would do a plain White MC Speedy since they already have their Speedy in the collection.
  7. Too bad they won't. I would perfer it without all the hardware
  8. Its too bad they won't do anything custom order in MC White, another thought was a cute cosmetic case in MC White.
  9. They have to pay Mr. Murakami a cut from every multicolor piece sold, so they keep the collection limited.
  10. LV wont do it because there is too much work to it. Several years ago there was some members that inquired about this.

  11. Oh the Beverly MM is lovely. I have one too.

    I know what you mean about the MCSpeedy 30 looking large, I saw a women no more than 5'4" carry it, and it seemed a bit bulky but it was still very new looking. Maybe once it breaks in and sags a little at the sides, it will not look too big. Did you just purchase the Beverly MM, maybe you can return it and try to go for the MC 30.
  12. This doesn't sound like a "custom order." What you are asking for is a redesign and LV will NOT do that.
  13. It is stupid that they don't make the MC Speedy regular, they would save so much money on all the hardware and still be able to jack up the price!
  14. Let's face it, LV is just not user friendly. They don't listen to what their customers want at all. There are tons of existing designs they could simply make in other canvases and sell tons of but they don't do it because of who knows what. Also many of their bags are just not very functional but could have been with some minor improvements. I still like the LV bags I have, but I can still admit that much of it is poorly designed and they have had a lot of missed opportunities in terms of products that would have been really good but they just didn't or refused to make them.