anyone currently doing jenny craig? and/or want a wl buddy?

  1. i just joined a week ago. i had my first weigh in this week and lost 5.6 lbs! wooohooo! today i exercised for the first time. i am so proud of me.

    anyone else doing it or other weight loss stuff and want to be buddies? i saw that there's a summer thing which i missed... let me know!
  2. Yay!!! Good for you. Getting started is always the hardest. So good luck to you Hlfinn:tup:.

    I'll be your buddy if you want. I'm trying to lose 5 lbs, not much. I sometimes drink the slimfast drinks but mostly I watch what I eat, and try and eat less. I quit eating any kind of junk food. Never been much of a fan anyway of them anyway. I really just need to move around more, since I'm a sahm.

    I have been walking/treadmill for 2 years now, on and off, light workout with dumbells and sit ups. For the fast 3 months, I have been more consistent in working out everyday with the treadmill. I try and do at least 60 mins or more, speedwalking incline (which is more workout than reg walking, you sweat more and you can feel the difference). I already feel difference because my pants are more loser now. Yay!!:yahoo:

    I guess we'll just post our progress here then.
  3. congrats on the 5.6lbs! i'll totally be buddies with you! i'm not doing weight watchers or anything .. but during summer i pretty much through all my "healthy" eating habits out the window .. and i started them all back up almost a week ago .. and i'm so proud of myself! i feel tons better and actually can eat more and lose more when i'm eating healthy, rather then unhealthy! now i need to motivate myself to start up my riguorous excersising that i need to be doing! :hrmm:

    keep up the good work, girl! pm me if you're having a "weak" moment, or need something! it's always easier to have someone .. & when i'm wanting that candy bar, i need someone to tell me no!! haha!
  4. I am currently maintaining on jenny Craig. I started in June and hit goal in August. I lost 15lbs. I have been holding steady at my goal since, but its getting a little harder. I still weigh in every week and I still eat the food. it was the easiest and tastiest way to lose weight! Good luck and Congratulations on your great first week weight loss!!
  5. I just started doing Body by Glamour, basically just tracking my workouts and food intake and measuring how much weight I've lost each week. I'm down 3 pounds! I'm trying to lose 20 pounds so I'm sure it will be a slow but steady process if I can stay on track. I'll be your buddy! :tup:
  6. yay! so many buddies! i am loving jenny craig i have to say. so perfect for my lifestyle of hating to cook and having no time. and it's made me start eating fruits and veggies and drinking more water...

    i did weight watchers a few years ago and lost about 45 lbs but then i gained it back. i didn't feel like counting points again so i'm trying this.

    tomorrow i plan to do the same workout as today. i had so much energy all day- i walked home from work too (about a mile so not too much but better than the bus). i have an all day conference so not sure i can do it in the am but it will get done i promise.

    anyone else want to tell us what you're doing tomorrow or this week?

    ghost- yay for baby! omg i am so happy for you!!!! i saw the thread this morning and literally did a little happy dance for you in my chair. i will go back and read the whole thread but in the meantime- CONGRATS!!!! i missed you too lady!
  7. Congratulations on your weight loss!! I am so proud!

    Weight loss has been very difficult for me. I had a foot injury so I have been unable to work out and ended up gaining 10 pounds (which is A LOT for me). I was always dependant on exercise for weight maintaining since I have never been able to cut back on food. But now that I am injured, for the first time... limiting what I eat is my only choice and for someone like me. It is incredibly difficult. I know the "stop eating after 8pm" is ideal but even then I can't do it. I tried "no eating after 10pm" this week but that hasn't worked either. My goal this week is "no eating after 11pm" And trying to eat healthier.
  8. *Yay* for you :tup: Keep up the good work and to everyone else who's losing weight.

    I've started a low carb diet 6 weeks ago and have lost 7.2kg = 15.87lbs without exercise. When i lose a bit more i'll start giving my body a work out. It's a slow process and i'm hoping to lose up to 20kgs by Christmas. I've started to enjoy my fruits and vegies and drinking 2-3lts of water daily.
  9. i'll be your buddy!

    I'm trying to lose 30-40 lbs and am doing it very slowly...mostly cuz i always forget to make good choices!! :sad:

    I'm watching what i'm eating and working out every other day...just moving, going for jogs, doing stationary bike, yoga...etc. I love exercise once i start, but getting the ball rolling is the hardest part.

    Your -5.6lbs is definitely motivating me!! i need to stay focused!!

    good luck!
  10. hi buddies!

    so today i had an all day conference and brought my jenny food with me. i had every intention of being good. and i was. until lunch. they had plated food and there were barely any veggies or salad! and i was too embarassed to take out my can of tuna and crackers. so i ate what veggies and salad they had and the chicken (which was delicious but kind of fried :sad: ) and then ate my little cup of peaches that i brought for dessert. not too happy with myself but i adjusted as best i could.

    i did just do my workout so that feels good. just keeping on keeping on. anyone else?
  11. Not doing Jenny Craig but would love buddies for this! Last spring I lost 30 pds & kept if off..... till this summer. I've only gained back 5-7 depending on the day but it made a huge diff in my pants......tight now - VERY tight!! Last week I excercised my butt off and by fri only had 3 more to go! Well hubby & I pigged out completely on Sat & Sun (red sox & pats get togathers) so Monday I weighed even more than last Monday - UGH!!!! Today I'm back to where I was last Monday after working so hard...... and this is how it's gone the past couple months. I get so PO at myself for having no self control, the weekends kill me. I have to lose this weight because after having to replace my entire wardrobe once already - I'm not doing it again especially to size up!!
  12. Hi guys, how's everyone doing today?

    Today I had a small bowl of cherrios/low fat milk and for lunch I had leftover spaghetti that I was going to eat last night, but didn't ( I ate cereal for dinner instead). I will make chinese chicken salad for dinner tonight.

    So I did my usual 68 mins speedwalking incline/treadmill, 4.0 miles.
    15 mins of stretching, bicep curls with 5lbs on each arm
    250 sit-ups.
  13. Well I ate 1,780 calories today, and I did my strength training workout for 45 minutes. I'm finding that my lunches are becoming too high calorie for my taste, so I think what I'm going to do is start bringing protein, like chicken, instead of a sandwich. I feel ok because I really am watching what I'm eating and with all this Halloween candy around me, I've been really good!
  14. someone sent me candy yesterday for an raok and i didn't have a single piece- gave them all to my doormen instead!

    chanelv- wow girl! that is some workout! you put my measly 20 to shame!

    ima- high protein sounds great- what about making it in to a salad or putting veggies on the side to make it super filling. or were you thinking that already? and whoohooo on the workout!

    kbell- welcome buddy! i hear you on the tight pants. ugh. nothing worse! we'll get down together!