Anyone crave/want a Tan "something"???

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  1. Ladies!

    I know there's been talk of Tan (Tlloveshim where the heck are you??!!!)

    Anyways, hearing that some of the Spring bags have sold out already, is there a chance that Tan is on 8 of our minds??? Style to be discussed!!!

    WTM?? LM????
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tan leather. I ended up sending back my tan hold me because I realized it's not practical for me (lots of time spent walking in the rain and it's too open). I'd love to be in on a tan SOMETHING! I've got a pewter hug me and am part of the dark grey matte LM bespoke. Would love a different style, and I'd use this as a spring/summer bag...A tan SM would be niiiiiiice :smile: I'm open to different styles!
  3. Hey Erica!!!!

    I'm thinking of the Love Me or WTM.

  4. You are naughty, you temptress you!! I have been in the mindful thread! (Honest!)

    Actually, I am awaiting a sample of aubergine but I told Rose that if the aubergine is not the shade I'm looking for then I shall order something in tan. I believe a tan Love Me/Love Me Midi with gold hardware would be beyond stunning! So, yes, I am interested in tan but only if aubergine does not meet my needs!
  5. Not to tempt anyone or anything since I am a mindful kind of girl but here's a lovely little picture of a tan LMM with gold hardware! I do believe that it would be even more striking IRL! But this is not to enable or anything....

  6.'re here!!! :yahoo:

    I've "tentatively" placed a deposit on a Tan LM w/ gold hw. I believe Bali Girl has as well.

    Anyone else????

    Tan only works with the RIGHT leather......and believe me.......BE Tan is exactly that. :yes:
  7. LOL! Just don't tell the gals in the mindful thread!! Seriously though, I'm thinking that the aubergine is not going to be as dark as I'm hoping for so this is my back up plan! My deposit is in so I'm ready in that respect. As soon as I have my aubergine sample and know what direction I'm going I shall let you know! So, I am tentative for this at the moment!!
  8. :police::police::police::police::police: don't tell who?
  9. Aw, busted! What are you doing in here young lady!? LOL!
  10. Oh no! Does this mean that the Tan TMA Midi isn't going to happen? :sad:
  11. :confused1::shrugs::hrmm::blush::roflmfao:
  12. Audball, I'd actually be more interested in a TMA midi in tan than the LM but I wonder how soon it would happen? I suppose there'd be no huge hurry as I would have requested a March delivery anyway. It would be dependent on my individual bespoke in aubergine first and if we had enough ladies interested second. I just want to be clear that I cannot participate in any bespokes if I go for the aubergine. But if aubergine doesn't work out then I'd be interested in the TMA midi or the Love Me midi.
  13. Did Jackie ever provide the design info on the TMA Midi. I am severely banned (.....having recently met a small black Botkier Vixen Hobo well reduced in the sales) but still interested to know what this TMA variant would be like.
  14. I don't believe she did. With the Spring line coming out I figured she was really busy. But perhaps there's still enough interest that a TMA Midi could happen? (Says the uncommitted one!)
  15. Well I suspect that we are all pretty keen to hear what your Aubergine leather sample is actually like so will tolerate your indecisiveness so long as you provide good feedback. (I am relatively safe from suddenly succumbing to either a TME or TMA Midi as I have too much in tan already).