Anyone covers the handles of their Gold birkin

  1. which twillys do you use? i can't seem to decide.....

    pics would be very helpful!! :tup:
  2. I don't cover the handles -- doesn't seem to need it.
  3. I also think it seems no need, but it's been quite popular nowadays, even in HK Hermes display shelves, they have their Kelly or Garden Party's handles covered!

    A few weeks ago, I saw a VIP (I think) got her small white Kelly (probably 25cm), the SA taught her how to wrap the twilly all around the handle....I think it can look very nice, just like putting clothes on the bag, and make it unique, and have different styling. I haven't tried I don't want to spend $ to get a twilly to match my only Kelly. My evelyne has a matching twilly which I think looks quite nice and more eye-catching.
  4. :smile: i loooove twillys.

    each of my bags have their own matching twilly....but i can't seem to find a matching color for my gold birkin to cover the handles.

    i guess i'll just stick to tying 1 twilly instead covering the handles.....
  5. I don't wrap the handles of my gold Birkin, either. But, how about a twilly that is black with gold, like this (from

  6. I don't cover the handles. Mine is several years old, and no discoloration. And, I don't baby that all.

  7. same here....
  8. My Fortune Cookie Kelly (Natural Epsom) is so light I gotta admit I have thought about the whole Twilly route, but the Epsom seems pretty resistent so I've held off.

    Does a Twilly make the sellier Kelly a bit more casual you think?
  9. I am thinking of getting a pair of twilly to cover my Golden girl's bag handles for more protection, but I was told I don't need to... :shrugs: Can you ladies advise if you have any problem with Gold handles if not covered with twilly? I dress very casual so not sure if the whole twilly looks fit my style. TIA
  10. What a blast from the past! :smile: i will cover my B handles with something. I do not have any twillies yet. But I do own a croc bag from a small company that is top handle in a cognac color. The handles have darkened and that damage is irreversible.

    Therefore if I would prefer handles of a B or a K to be covered. The oils of your hands and crook of your arm (it gets greasy there too!) Will darken the leather regardless of material. My B is box, it will drink it up!
  11. I don't have twillies on my handles, and I haven't noticed any darkening on my handles. If you were to get twillies, blue pairs really nicely with gold. I was given 2 sets of blue twillies from different family members to go with my gold B but I ended up returning both since twillies aren't me. I can probably find photos of those blue twillies if you are interested to see how it pairs with gold?
  12. I didnt like twillies on my bags for a long time.. Til the handles on my Camel B35 started to get a wee bit darker. Now its more like a fun way to jazz up my bags and I interchange twilles all the time. The key is not really to match them fully to the color of your bag (btw Gold is such a versatile color) but just complement them in a way that it works eg My rose jaipur lindy has twillies with shades of pink and purple.
  13. Here's a pic of my Camel B35 for your reference dear!;)
    (with two "naked" Black B35s behind lol)
  14. MASEML ~ Oh yes I would love to see the photos! I probably will have hard time picking up the color if I do decide to get the twilly as my SA might suggest colors closed to the brown family. Thanks for responding to my post just in time...:smile:
  15. dollychic & absolutanne ~ thank you for responding to my post. I worry the samething too that altho my hands are dry but eventually the handles will be darken due to other elements. I plan on use my Golden girl until I can get my hands on another B...:graucho: I guess I just need to pick up a pair with color that matche my personality.

    dollychic ~ I love yours, I love it has a bit of black and black is my favorite wardrobe color.