anyone condition de leather

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DE NF handles what do you do?

  1. condioned de nf handles

  2. left de nf to age on its on

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  1. So with all the people complaining about DE never full handles, wondering out loud if people with no problems had conditioned their handles? I hope the poll worked. Interested to find out
  2. Sorry about the mis-spell. Once I saw it I couldn't change it.
    Come on, someone must have a comment
  3. Im bumping this poll up because I am soooo interested in a DE neverfull and I had the same exact question
  4. No one said anything, so I just decided to condition mine before I used it. It is a stiff leather and I didn't think it could hurt. I used apple on mine
  5. Never conditioned mine and they're fine. Stiffer than the monogram and azur but that's to be expected. You get used to it but the others are more comfortable to carry.
  6. DE leather is treated/coated so i dont think it will absorb the conditioner, unlike vachetta which is raw/untreated/ not coated. Just my opinion
  7. That is a good thought, what about colored leathers, most are treated. Yes/No??
    I condition those and some I have had for years. (Not LV) I figured it was worth a try. I also only hang my DE so as not to crimp handles.
  8. For colored leather bags, i think you can put conditioner. But I only do that with my Non LV leather bags.
    Just be very careful though if you decide to put conditioner to your colored LV leather bag as the conditioner might discolor/lighten the color