Anyone Concerned About Price Increases...

  1. As I've been going through the catalog, it seems that prices are going up again. I read that Coach was working to extend its lines to higher end bags, and I'm definitely seeing the difference in the new catalog.

    For example, last year's hippie was $398 retail. This year it is $428. The new colors of leather french purse are $218 but the original ones were $198 (which is why I bought the natural one--aside from the fact I love the color anyway)...

    And the denim signature bags were $30 more than the same style in brown....

    This PCE, I've picked up a couple of bags that I was worried wouldn't be available in the near future, but am concerned that the future PCE discounts won't be as helpful since we'll be working from higher retail prices.

    Anyone else worried about this? It seems like more and more of the bags are now $428-$798, where it used to be that $298-$398 was more dominant....

    Will this affect what you decide to buy, or is it gradual price creep that we will just accept?
  2. Good question.

    I never saw myself spending $500 for a bag, wonderful as it may be.

    I just might be priced out of Coach for awhile. There are many beautiful things. I'll be ebaying even harder in the future for deals once they're a bit older. No more carrying the "hot" bag since I tend to need/use/lust after the bigger bags.
  3. I think I will accept it to a point, but will be hitting up eBay harder than I do now. Oh, and pray that they don't make PCE be only twice a year.

    I believe this will fuel the fire for fakes big time tho.
  4. Yes, I've noticed and have decided against some items because of it (and because I'm supposed to be on a ban!). I'm trying to enjoy what I have already but the prices are definitely helping me out! I'll be cutting my spending way down and will probably purchase fewer bags this coming year.
  5. I wonder about that, too....

    I tend to carry leather bags and don't see nearly as many leather fakes b/c I think that's much harder for them to pull off, KWIM?

    I tend to buy in cycles. I find a few key things I really love and then can let some seasons pass.

    Of course, that was BEFORE I discovered tpf...:wtf:
  6. I've definitely noticed the price increase and i'm not too happy about it. Some of the new fall items are so gorgeous that I can see them being a little more expensive, but it seems rather ridiculous to jack up the prices of the items that have been out in previous seasons by that amount. It seems a little excessive.
  7. You have made a very good point!
    I def have noticed the price increases.:tdown: I had been saving money like crazy for the legacy shoulder bag (which I really can't afford but I was stretching it and saving every penny literally rolling up coins!) :rolleyes:

    It was $398 and I just about reached my goal ~ BUT now the new colors are out and the price jumped to $448. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    I don't have a lot of $$$ to spend on handbags so now I feel that I really cannot afford it.:crybaby:
    Are they just seeing how far they can push the envelope before sales drop off?
  8. yep, i'm concerned. One of the reasons I'm hesitant to buy the leigh I want. I can't swing $800 right now
  9. I have noticed it too, which means I will probably be hanging out at the outlet more than the boutique now.
  10. The price increases stink :tdown:. It will definitely affect my future buying (atleast from the stores, I will probably choose outlet and eBay buys) unless I am absolutely 100% in love with a bag that I know I will use regularly. So far although there is some cute stuff nothing screams at me.
  11. I have only been a freak about coach for less than a year, and I can tell you how quickly I got suckered in.. if anything is under $200 at the outlet I feel like it's the bargain of the century!!! I definately can't justify and wouldn't want to spend $400 or more on a bag.. I have bought a couple of bags from coach on the pce that made them more justifiable but I just can't go past a certain point.. it is too bad...
  12. i think also the prices have increased when they change more leather trim, or extra hardware.
  13. Yeah, I would probably wait till the next PCE also. I spent the most I have ever spent on a purse this PCE and it was narely over $300. I would just be too scared of ruining a $500+ bag.
  14. Yes, for me, it's going to be all about the outlets and eBay, if that's where it's headed/
    Honestly when a bag gets over the $500.00, I'm going to spend that $$ on an LV, not a Coach, even though I love Coach. But when they start creeping towards over the $500.00 mark, I draw the line and head elsewhere.
    The whole reason I love Coach, is the afforability, especially when you're a person who changes your bag daily. I love those bags around $200.00-$300.00.
  15. I was just thinking the same thing CitCat.