Anyone come across a DARK SILVER FLAP....non-reissue?

  1. Looking for that bag. Called Chanel to locate one in the east west style for $1995 and there are NONE!!!
    This would be the dark metallic silver (looks kinda crinkled) (not the reissue).
    Would prefer the e/w, but if anyone has spotted the medium could you let me know.

    THANK YOU MUCH!!!!!!:heart:
  2. NM has it in medium
  3. Chanel Toronto may have one in Large
  4. Thank you ladies. Appreciate it.
  5. When I got my bag last week they still had one on display. Call Hirshleifers 516 627 3566 ask for Diane. I got my dark silver medium from her. Good luck!
  6. aHHH...right here on LONG ISLAND! That's where I live ! LOL
    Thank you
  7. Please post pic when you get it, good luck :tup: