Anyone Collecting Tokidoki Toys & Qees

  1. I recently stopped purchasing Tokidoki bags for now and now I am collecting the Tokidoki toys and Qee's and find those toys can be hard to find...but finally got some toys at reasonable prices... Is anyone else collecting toys?:confused1:
  2. me!!


    but i have my dunny who is not pictured!!
  3. oh, wow, that moofia pic is old, i have them all except for choco and soya.
  4. Have any of you guys thought of or gotten the 8 inch Tokidoki Qee?
  5. I almost bought the cactus love set the other day. I think that I might need it!
  6. It was such a pain for me to find, I went to and purchased it, but when I went back a few minutes later it was gone, so not sure if I bought the last one or if I even got one at all... but I discovered alot of the stores are sold out and there are only 500 made, so I had to have it.... Anyone else ordr anything from ?
  7. I know I need it.
  8. I didn't know it was so limited. I should probably go get it :blink:
  9. YOu NEED it!!! :graucho: They're adorable!! I have them..but mine aren't in :heart: ...they're divorced :sad:
  10. It's sad they couldn't work out their problems:sad:
  11. I am collecting some. I have the love set... and just recently got sandy and sabochan. I don't really care too much for the moofia ones, they are cute but don't look that great in quality, KWIM? I plan to get the adios and ciao when they come out...

    I don't know if I like the qees that much. I like the little simone guy but to get him you need to buy the big qee and I dunnos what I would do with it... plus the price is a bit prohibitive... for that price I would rather get a purse!!
  12. I'm not really into the qees much but I did buy the pirate one and I want the hawaiian girl kitty one.
  13. Addios and Ciao are out
  14. The hawaiian kitty one is very cute, I am waiting for that to be out, I was told by the end of the month... I know the 8 icn qees are pricey but I had to get the Meomi, the first tokidoki qee...the jewelry I'm not hooked on yet, but some of the clothes definetly...I am not to crazy about the amore.... so till another print comes out.... looks like I'll be buying tokidoki clothes and toys...
  15. what? really?? where?!! :nuts: