Anyone Coach myspacers??

  1. I am not sure if this has been asked before, just wondering if there are any Coach addicts from here on myspace?? I want to show dh that I am not the only crazy addict around!! He swears a friend of mine and I are the only ones. :nuts::p
  2. I am!!

    My hubby thinks it's strange that someone could love handbags this much. But, he is the one who bought me my who is REALLY to blame?!?!

    But, it makes it super easy for him when he's looking for a gift for me LOL:yahoo:
  3. I see that you are a military wife and mommy of two!!

    So am I!! USMC

  4. Cool, U.S. Navy wife here but close enough! :yes:

    I can PM you my myspace URL..I just don't want to post it here...

    Same for anyone else who responds..:flowers:
  5. OH MY GOSH!!! Tell your DH that there is many of us lirking around, lol! Tell him to just take a look at my name, it says it all. Also tell him to look at the amount of members on TPF.
  6. Here you go::

    Anyone else is free to FR me too...just send me an email so I know your COACH!! LOL

    The exchange is too addicting!!
    My birthday is in a few days...and I will be there shopping up a storm for myself [=
  7. \
    we probably live by each other if you're still in west palm!!!
  8. Candace, I added you but it won't let me send you a message. So I figured I'd just let you know on here.
  9. I used to have myspace, but became addicted to Facebook......mainly because there is a feature on there that lets you buy ALL of your friends designer (yes Coach included) handbags! Then your friends can buy them for you, and you can change out your "bag of the day" on your profile! hahahhahaaa you get $4,000 a day bonus money to spend! yeah, thats pretty addicting!:graucho: Its called Fab Bag, you can check it out on my profile:
  10. Just requested you::

    We have a home is Palm Beach but are stationed in NC...
  11. added you :smile: