Anyone change their mind about the gold hardware?

  1. I would love to hear some thoughts on this. I'm going to be checking out the Giant Hobo in GH on Friday. I'm not a gold person at all.

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed before but maybe thoughts have changed.

  2. I sure did. I didn't think I'd be into it at first but the GH has grown on me. I'd love to get a Hobo with GH!
  3. I thought I'd hate it at first, but now I love it! And I haven't gotten tired of it at all. I have a Natural GH Brief and it's simply stunning. However, I don't feel the need to own more than one GH bag, for some reason. It's fairly "outspoken" in appearance, so that may be why. I think having just one in my collection makes it a really unique and special part of my wardrobe!
  4. Yes. I agree with Kristydarling. I've just got one GH Aquamarine City bag, which I adore. For me it's a very special bag, which goes out only on special occasions. Day to day wear goes to my RH City bags and I love them too.
  5. I thought the GH was too blingy at first but I think with certain colors- sandstone, periwinkle, aqua, vert gazon, french blue it makes for a much more stunning color combo than w/the RH. I have a GH sandstone day and love it.
  6. I'm considering a Giant Hobo in anthracite and red- one or the other, not both.

    Is there a thread with photos of the gold hardware??
  7. Yep! First I didn't like it at all, then I decided I DID and bought one, but then I returned it ... I guess I like how it looks on some bags/colors but maybe it just isn't for me personally, KWIM?
  8. I also wasn't a fan at first but now.. I really love it, especially on certain colors. It definitely warms and brings out the color.
  9. I have a giant hobo in vert gazon, and I usually wear white gold :smile: As soon as I saw a pic of this one, I wanted it, and before I didn't like gh at all. Lol.

    Here's a pic: :love:
  10. South- YOUR picture was the one that inspired me to look at the Giant Hobo! Your looks amazing!

    NM only has white, black and red in Giant Hobo. I am not a fan of white bags, I already have a black Day so I'm left with red. I wear a lot of pink so I'm not sold on red.

    I guess my options are:

    1) Return my Black City at NM and then:
    2) Order an Anthracite Giant Hobo with the gold hardware from BalNY or Aloharag

    1) Return my Black city at NM and then
    2) Wait until the fall colors and silver hardware come out and then decide on a Giant Hobo


    1) Return my Black City at NM and then
    2) Commit myself to a B Bag rehab center! I am driving myself crazy!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  11. i love it on others and honestly think they look fabulous on some of the ladies here. but i don't think i like it as much on me. i just look better in more subtle, more casual accessories. i am, however, very tempted by the giant hobo...
  12. I totally changed my mind on - hated it at first,love it now!

    I really like the white with gold..

    South of France - your pics make that bag look amazing although it is your pic just pulls everyone in!
  13. ^ I'm an enabler! Lol! :nuts: However, I didn't want to spam everyone with my pics, just because I've become a fan :push:

    You need to look at them in person and try them on. Sandstone will look great too in the gh hobo. The red is a bit much IMHO.
  14. I have to admit that I've def. come to appreciate the merits of the GH, and I'm dying to see the silver version in the fall. I'm not going to buy because its too blingy for my personal style, but I love drooling over the GH pretties some of you other ladies have. :drool:
  15. Yeah I really hated it to start with, now I love it:p it really looks great on some colours, like french blue and vert gazon.