Anyone catch the Today Show segment on Hermes scarves?

  1. For that matter, it was about wearing scarves in general. In case you missed it, here it is:
    MSNBC Video
  2. Coolie. Thanks HG.
  3. Oh very nice.. Thanks for sharing HG :flowers:
  4. Thanks for the link!!
  5. Many thanks, HG.
  6. HG - I'm usually up for the TODAY show, but NOT TODAY:sad: , got to sleep in a little....

    Thanks for the link to that....LOVED THE "BOLERO" tie!! Great idea for a simple black dress or tank and pants!!:yes:
  7. THANK YOU HG!!!!! Just took a look..........
  8. Thanks so much for sharing the link! I learned a few things!:yes:
  9. Thank you so much. Its great.
  10. Love the video clip, great !!! Thanks HG !
  11. Thanks HG. That was fun. I wish they showed how to make a "scarf bag". It always looks so great in the would be fun to see someone from Hermes do it.
  12. Thanks, so very much! I watched it twice!
  13. so fun. thanks hermesgroupie!!!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Thanks hermesgroupie!