Anyone catch "Men In Trees" last night?

  1. (Note to MODS: This is does belong in the Balenciaga forum.)

    One of the characters, played by the talented Lauren Tom, is the wife of a guy who keeps getting thrown in jail for traffic infractions. Upon being told his bail is $300, she says something to the effect of, "Damn, that money was for a Balenciaga motorcycle bag!" :P I had to rewind it and play back just to be sure that was what she said.
  2. i was watching it but missed that i guess. i would have fallen off the bed laughing. any show that mentions bags gets an extra star in my book.
  3. LOL I saw it! The whole episode was a riot! "Why is he lifting up his tail?"
  4. That is hysterical! Wish I could have seen it!
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