Anyone Carry their Birkins Closed?

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  1. I hardly see anyone carrying their Birkins closed, you guys all carry your Birkins open all the time? Or sometimes you close it?
    The thing is it's a pain to open it if you want to reach for wallet or something... But I personally think Birkin looks much much better when it's properly closed.
  2. I usually carry it open because it is such a pain to open and close. When I am in large crowds or traveling I will close it with the flap inside for security. It makes it harder for people to grab stuff.

    Like this:

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  3. I close mine when out in crowds, travelling on public transport etc. I sometimes close it when I want it to look smaller (both mine are 35's), such as when I am wearing a nice dress.
  4. I have seen people close the flap with the turn lock, but WITHOUT closing the straps. The bag looked a bit odd to me but I can see why they did it. I always carry mine open though.
  5. Even if the straps aren't closed , the flap is supposed to hide the stamp which should never be seen !
  6. I almost ALWAYS carry it closed in the way that the flap is tucked inside the bag and the straps are locked with the lock or a cadena. It enables me to slide my hand inside to grab something fast (Only small things like a pen, pad of paper, tissue - nothing big - so there are no "stretch issues"). I, personally, prefer how this looks as I feel it is more "put together" and somewhat "formal" than bat-wing style. In all the time I have had my B, I unfortunately, cannot say I have ever carried it closed in the true sense, whereby the flap is folded on top and straps closed and locked....hmmmm
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  7. I carry mine like this too... say, about 85% of the time.
  8. me too. flap tucked in, straps open (bec it's a 30 so not as wide as the 35). more convenient for me. i have a zipped pouch inside for security reasons.
  9. This is how I carry my 35's my 40cm is always opened
  10. I always carry mine closed (the way Glamourbag carries hers). I keep the lock on the turnkey.
  11. Mine are always open.
  12. I do darling depending on the mood if I'm going out dress and heels I usually close my 35 cm because they look more composed if it's jeans and boots jeans and flats I wear it open mostly because I'm out shopping and need to get in and out fast but I love the look of my birkin closed the lines are beautiful so I do try I wear it out closed and after the first time I open it it stays open. Actually when I do this arriving closed leaving open I get compliments twice from friends that say that bag is so incredible any way you wear it.

  13. Hello Crazy,

    I'd love to hear more about why the stamp should never be seen. Interesting. It seems like 99% of carriers wear their B wrong then. Enlighten please. :biggrin:
  14. If the stamp shouldn't be seen, it should've been put on the interior of the bag. Otherwise, even it you carry the bag "correctly" you will still be flashing the Hermes stamp everytime you open the bag;)

    I never carry mine closed, except on the very few occasions that I take it on the airplane. I prefer the boxy tote look that you get when it's open, and I bought it specifically to use as an open top tote; plus I can fit a lot more inside when it's open. And it goes without saying that it's a pain in the rear to maneuver the three parts of the flap around the handles and over the turnlock (especially on a box Birkin).
  15. I like stamps to be seen.
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