Anyone Carry the Corcovado At Night?

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  1. OK I'm thinking about buying this bag. I need a large bag for work. But I like my work bags to be cute and stylish enough to go out at night with. Does anyone bring this bag out to bars or is it just too big?
  2. Also, would the Havanna be a better choice for me?
  3. I use my corc everyday for work. It replaced my PanAm as my work horse. And yes, It's very stylish as work bag. I have 3 Havanas, and wouldn't use any for work, because I care about them too much to beat them up like that. The corc is also more functional as work bag. JMO.

    I think all the corcs, except for the KP, would be fine at night. It might be a little big or overkill for the bar setting but it is stylish still.
  4. I think you would be fine bringing a CORC as a nighttime bag. I always carry big bags, so unless you are going to a club, you will be fine!

    As for the Havana, I don't think they would be great work bags if you carry papers and files in them. THey are to small for that purpose.
  5. yep, i second that from cherub,,, i always carry biggies,,, & i think a patent or metal corc would be a definite big bling for a nite out!:tup:
  6. I love my corcs enough to get three of them. :heart: They are perfect for work, travel, weekending or grocery shopping. That said, I would not want to carry one on my shoulder all night long at a bar, and if I set it down, it would need its own chair. :biggrin: That's just me, though. I like big bags for day and small bags for night.
  7. I wouldn't want to carry a Corcovado out at night. It's enormous. That said, the metallic ones are certainly dressy enough to go out to a casual bar with jeans and a cute top -- I just think they'd be a royal pain.
  8. Funny you should ask... Guess what's coming out tonight? I'm lugging a paperback and a 3 ring binder full of confidential information, sweater, water, and lots of cab fare. Anyone guess what I'm up to tonight?

  9. you look fab, jan!!!
  10. So funkily fabulous, Jess! I love your tunic with the velvet detail.

    But I'm stumpted...where would be off to with those items and dressed so hip?!
    :confused1: I think you'll be doing a lot of waiting, hence the paperback. And you'll be making several stops, hence the cab fare. But what in the world is the binder full of confidential information for?! Most intriguing...

  11. can i play? anything to do w/ taxes?
  12. ooh! Good guess! I was chaperoning a college formal :smile: needed the cab fare in case of trips to hospital and binder was parental contact info for all 1100 expected to attend.
  13. Wow, I bet you were one HAWT chaperone! How'd it go?
  14. LOL. how fun would that be in velvet and leather?
  15. I use my corc at night. For dinner out, concerts, movies, etc. I carry the corc. If you decide to stop for a drink at a club, then simply slip the Bowery out of the Corc and go. But, then, where I live we don't do cabs. We drive and it is simply a matter of switching to an HH clutch and locking the corc in the trunk. It is always funny when we go out. The others are carrying little wristlets and can't fit important things like hairspray (a Florida necessity) so they keep passing everything to me to store. Soon, the Corc becomes the group tote and everyone watches over her.