Anyone Carried the Pb THEA FEED BAG?

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  1. Does anyone own the Thea? When DB added new colors to this bag, they deleted all the reviews (which they have done to other bags as well). The big attraction (for me) is the magnetic closure, like the Cooper.
    I’m wondering how or if the round shaped bottom affects how it carries or stands.
  2. I do not have the Thea but have the Becket Henley Feed Bag. The Henley has a wider strap. I loved carrying this bag because it was slighty structured but slouchy and had an ease of use...especially with the magnetic closure. I, personally, do not think I would care for the thinner strap of the Thea. The feed bags have a little weight and when you add your things it can get a bit heavy and I am sensitive to heavier bags whether carried on the shoulder, arm or in hand.

    I usually carry a coin purse, card wallet, nylon clutch with a few necessities, a pill case, and tissues. It is not much but when it is all concentrated in the center at the bottom of a bucket bag it just feels heavy.

    I do love all the beautiful colors the Thea comes in. Which color caught your eye?
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  3. @LifeIsDucky, thank you! soo much for pointing out the strap, which I hadn’t even considered making a substantial difference. Makes sense! Also, it must have been the Becket Henley’s reviews I thought were deleted when I saw zero reviews for the Thea.
    Perhaps I should just leave this one alone, as I do carry more in my bag than you listed for yours, and I certainly don’t need alot of additional weight on a too thin strap. The light blue is pretty tho!
  4. If anyone purchases the Thea bag, pleeeez post a pic. I still find myself admiring that bag...
  5. LB: they are showing tons of colors for the pebble Theo on the main Dooney site. Must be a new spring style. Hopefully you can get some feedback from some early purchasers.
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  6. Yes that’s the pic I keep looking at. It has a bucket bag shape and that magnetic closure - like the cooper - calls my name. :smile:
  7. It's a throwback to those wonderful bucket bags they had a long time ago. Mine were Coach. As much as I love the round bottom, that's what makes it jut out from the body and that's probably why I don't have any of those among my vintage bags. I had tried out a Henley in Macy's and yep, it was that jutting problem. I saw those that were posted to the Q site and I really love the blue and it would be a great bag for wearing denim. In fact, I think I like some of the newer offerings better than the TSV. (I do like that bag.)
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  8. @starbucksqueen, thank you so much :flowers: for your insight into this bag! The jutting out wouldn’t bother me enough (I don’t think) that it would be a total turn-off. I need to call D&B to get a total width of the strap, then compare that to my most loved shoulder bags.
  9. The strap looks pretty skinny. The Henley did have a nice strap, but it was T'moro. I think that was more of a thing. My body type is hourglass and shortwaisted-- the roundness of the bag didn't work for me. I think you know what I mean.:smile: Hope it works for you. It's one of those that I can't wear, but still like.
  10. Some ladies wear shoulder bags slung to the back, others wear them straight down. Body type and how you carry the bag can make a big difference if the bag has a wide base or is very structured. The length of the strap can also affect where the bag hits against the body.... above the waste or at the hips.

    Many ladies love the Dooney drawstring handbags, but they hit me in the wrong place and they have a wide base. These facts conspire to make the bag fall off my shoulder and they don't carry well or look good on me.
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  11. Thanks to QVC’s video, there’s two reasons the Thea won’t make the cut. Like you warned me @LifeIsDucky :wave:, that strap is indeed less wide than needed for a bag that size. It was quite obvious in the video. That’s a big ‘oops’ on Dooney’s part. The second reason is a slight inward fold just above the base on several of he bags on camera that looks bad - or at least I would always be noticing it. Oh well.
    I do so wish D&B would make more bags with that magnetized closure.