Anyone care for a superbowl reveal?

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  1. I went up to Wisconsin Dells with my husband and daughter for a little getaway this weekend. The BIG PLUS of the hotel we stay at (2nd year in a row) is that it's walking distance from a Coach outlet. If having a Coach outlet 4 miles from my house wasn't enough. Anyway, this outlet in the Dells had a huge selection, much more than the one near me. So I picked up one thing *it was so hard to restrain myself*

    Who wants a reveal?
  2. I'm here for a few more minutes.
  3. I'm here!
  4. Let's see!!
  5. Bring it on!
  6. My puppy trying to sniff it..
  7. Take a look inside and ignore the suckers I'm hiding from my daughter ;)
  8. The next one will give it away...
  9. Any guesses yet?
  10. start stripping her down!
  11. I just made it...
  12. Hailey? Sabrina?
  13. appears to be boxy ... looks can be deceiving though ;)
  14. peyton???
  15. This will probably give it away...