Anyone can tell the name of this Gucci?

  1. Help need, I saw this bag pic since January 2006, but still can't figure out the style or year of the bag, anyone have an idea?
    I love the bag so much....:girlsigh:
  2. sori im not much help but that is a cute pic! :smile: a japanese girl?
  3. she is a HK tv actress, i think her outfits brings our the cuteness of the bag...:smile:
  4. I'm not sure either.. but it looks like it'd be a travel bag. Y'know how the travel bags are always in a different section at the Gucci stores?
  5. i think i saw that bag here in the gucci boutique some weeks ago. so, it's from the current season...
  6. that's a beautiful bag!
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