Anyone can post LV Mat for me?

  1. I wanted to get LV in mat for mother's day. But e-lux doesn't have a lot of pics and let alone the official site. Can someone post some pics for me? New bag pics welcomed and used one even better so I can see what it will eventually look like in the future.
  2. Which model were you looking for ? Or just mat bags in general ?
  3. Mat in general please. (all welcomed)
  4. I found this one on It's a breifcase, but you can still get an idea of what the line looks like. $699

    And of course, the Webster Street from eLUXURY. $1,300

    Ayla, I was thinking that they must be discontinuing it too. You would think that it would be on the LV website. Too bad if it is because I think its much more elegant than the shiny Vernis.
    matte breifcase.jpg other matte.jpg
  5. I am so sad that they're discontinuing the Mat line! :wondering It's my favorite line from LV. Here's a picture of a Shelton.
    LV Shelton.jpg
  6. Don't mind the Haut Alma, but the that's the Stockton...

  7. here's my Mat Shelton



  8. Thank you all for the wonderful pic. I did not notice this line before. I like Mat better than Vernis because it's more suttle. I really like the Shelton. Does it have one-sided outside pocket or both side?

    How much is the shelton?
    Does the material remains "stiff" or does it stretches or sag like the canvas?
  9. That's gorgeous! I didn't ever knew there was uch a thing as a Haut Alma!
  10. The cowhide is very stiff and very structured there will be NO sagging going on...that's a good thing...

    and ValleyOppressed,

    there's also a Long Alma too...:biggrin:
  11. The Shelton has one outside pocket. I got mine for $975.

    I love my Shelton - there is no sagging at all, and you can't really see the patina underneath the handles.
  12. I knew about that one - and it's fake offspring (:sick: ) But I never liked that one, but that Haut is terrific.
  13. I love the Shelton and would love to get hold of one.
  14. Just want to let you know that there are quite a few Mono Mat in stock in the Montreal LV shop (not on display though, you have to ask). I was there few weeks ago, they are all gorgeous, it's hard to choose when these classic looking Mono Mat bags comparing to the new Epi Passy. They are both elegant and classic.
    The store manager didn't know about the discontinuation of the Mat line when I said I was surprised to see so many of them there still since it's discontinued.