anyone can model HAMPTONS WEEKEND HOBO for me?

  1. Any color is fine~TIA:love:
  2. anyone?
  3. :confused1::crybaby:
  4. lol, i would like to see a picture too.
  5. i don't have one, or else i would. don't worry, i'm sure someone will come along soon with pics... :whistle:
  6. Like this kind?
  7. yes like that one...please~
  8. this is style # I believe it's the smaller one.

    LOL - just kidding! (She walked into the bathroom as I was taking the pictures...had to do it)

    Here is me...don't mind the sunday crap clothes...or the bad hair/ IS happy I have a bra on...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    seriously - could more people ask me for pictures of bags? I, sadly, forget what I have and LOVE when I dig them out to take pictures. heheheh
  9. deweydrop, thanks for posting pics. The bag looks so cute on you and your dog. I just love the shape of the bag:love:
  10. Ha! I love the doggie. That is so funny. It did say ANYONE.
  11. LOL! Love the doggie!
  12. well theres another dog that has good taste!!!!
  13. Awe! What a good dog - she posed so nicely! What a sweetie!
  14. LOL @ the dog model........
  15. hehe...I'd love to put a Coach collar on her...but hubby insists on her Harley-Davidson collar.