anyone can loctae a GST with silver HW for me?pleeeease

  1. desperately looking for one, thanks in advance.
  2. I had to list for this bag at the trunk show. You may want to call NM or Chanel to get on a list for the next shipment.
  3. is there a neiman u would recommend me calling? i'm in toronto, so i want to use my long distance cards sparingly...thanks :smile:
  4. The Chanel Boutique on 57th Avenue, NY are taking names for a list. Ask for Angie or Jonathan.

    They do have the petite shopper with silver hardware.
  5. NM in Palo Alto, 650-329-3300 ask for Linda in Chanel handbags.

    what color petite shopper did they have with silver hardware?
  6. I spoke to Linda yesterday about the GSTs and NM Palo Alto will only get them in black and white for Spring.

  7. You can try Nordstrom Seattle and ask for Tomoko (206)628-1390. They just got a shipment of them yesterday. I'm not sure what colors, but I do know brown w/silver hw (style # 20995).