Anyone can help me make a decision??

  1. I have been saving over a year for a new watch. It takes a long time coz I always spend my money for bags and accessories. Sure I have my dream on white J12 with diamond inside and I always keeping telling mom about this all the time. First, she disagreed with me to pay that much money for a watch and I got too many watches ( 2 Dior Malices with loads of exchange straps, 6 Guccis, 1 Fendi, 1 Tag Heuer, 2 Moschinos and a Chanel Chocolat). All of them did not that expensive.

    Now is the first time that I consider to pay a new watch for over $4500 and mom will help me to pay half for that.

    But last 5 minutes she called me (Mom is in Asia and am in UK) and asked me to re-consider buying Rolex or Cartier instead of Chanel. She told me that both brands are watch manufactured brand with long history and more classic. I thought to buy a Cartier Santos back to last 5 years ago but not now. J12 is more stunning and looks casual elegance.

    Sure if I choose between LV watch and Chanel. It would be an easy choice. I will absolutely go for Chanel coz LV is so normal to me. It just like Guccis and nothing special.

    I am thinking too hard about it as it will be my first big purchase on watch and maybe the last one. I couldn't efford for any other high-end watches in the nearly future.

    Any comments??? If you were mine, which watch will you go for???

    Please, do not recommend me to buy what I like and saving for another in the future. I'm still a student and I have no my own money. I don't have that much money. I may have lot of brandnames stuffs but I am a money-saver. I will buy only what worth every penny.

    Thanks in advance for your comments :yes: Every comments will worth a lot to me. Thank you!

  2. I would save the money and buy something else. Sorry, not a watch person and I know nothing about them :smile:
  3. Anyway, thank you for your comments :yes:
  4. I love my omega watch, I bought it years ago and have worn it every day since. It's diamond set and very sparkly. They're still available and currently cost £1750 ish

  5. This might do better in the jewellery section......
  6. I absolutely LOVE watches - and I can understand that you want a classic. I have to agree with your mum: buy a classic - sorry but chanel watches are a bit of a fashion thing for me, similar to your fendis, guccis etc.

    they do not have the watch tradition like Omega, Rolex, Cartier or any other have. since you are planning to spend a nice amount of money I would recommend getting a mixed metal watch like gold and steel so you can wear it for a long time and both dressed down and dressed up.

    sorry for going with your mum but i think she is right. maybe very soon you will think that you would prefer something more classic and then you spent a lot of money already.

    I myself have a Rolex oyster datejust in steel but I am a steel kind of girl/white gold type and i have a vintage gold one from my great grandmother.

    but I am eyeing a Patek Philippe one - only they are SUPER expensive, so no can do at the moment.
  7. I collect vintage watches, and I agree with your mom (sorry). The J12 is lovely but trendy. Cartier and Rolex are classics. If I had to choose -- and I would, because money is an issue -- I'd go with a classic.
  8. Get CARTIER. No doubt about it.

    Rolex is pretty, but you must wear it 24/7 for it to keep correct time.

    A Cartier Roadster, or a Tank... there are so many kinds and they have wonderful straps to make them individual to you, like alligator or satin.

    CARTIER. They stand behind their watch, and there will always be parts. Classic, beautiful, and trust me - you'll have it your whole life! :love:
  9. Inferring from your comment of 'maybe the last one' No way for Chanel J12. You will grow tired very quickly. I am risking my neck, LOL because I realise that there are lots of ladies with J12s here :sweatdrop:, but J12 is a toy in terms of both classic aestheticism and horological skills. Chanel J12 is like a Coach (I love Coach though) to Chanel. It is, to borrow your phrase, 'nothing special.' I am also sorry to say that, IMO, J12 is not 'casual elegance' : casual elegance is something like Cartier Tank Française, Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso or Patek Philippe Twenty~4.

    Out of your choices for $4,500 (£2,250), I would go for Cartier. Models such as the Pasha 35mm is fashionable enough for a student yet still classic - Cartier Tank variants are a bit too classic for a student. I also doubt that you will like Rolex at your age.

    Otherwise also tell your mum your choice so she can get it cheaper over in Asia so you, yourself, pay less: London prices are much more expensive and you can get a discount in Asia more easily. My suggestion outside the choices that you have would be a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Lady on leather strap again buy from Asia because it is slightly above your price range if bought in London.

    Lastly you should also consider selling your other watches to raise funds as well as the fact, which I hope you already gathered, that expensive watches are mechanical. Unless you have a watchwinder, if you don't wear it for two days (= about the maximum power reserve) then it will stop and it's very annoying to have to reset it everytime.
  10. Vicky,

    2 years ago when my g/f was 29 I bought her an Omega Constellation with the diamonds for around $3500+- My g/f wears it everyday with everything everywhere. She loves it. Just a suggestion. She gets compliments on it all the time. We live in Ohio.

  11. That's what I have :smile:
  12. I agree with your mom...the chanel is too trendy, and spending $4500 on something that you might get sick of in 2 years is not worth it. The classics last forever. My grandma has a rolex from 30 years ago...and she just recently took it out to wear it, it still looks brand new. So with the Rolex's and Cartiers, you won't get tired of it so least in 30 years, you know you can pass it to your daughter!

    I always thought Rolex's are old-looking...but now it seems like it has more combinations to choose from, and they can actually look quite young. So I'm getting my first Rolex in a couple of weeks! If from Cartier, I agree with Bee...Bee, the Pasha or the Roadster would suit a student nicely. (definitely not the's a bit too classic.)
  13. Watch in the pic looks nice and classy but honestly, I'm not an Omega fan. :shame: Sorry about that.
  14. Thanks a lot Michael for your opinion. I'm sorry that am not into Omega watch :shame: .
  15. I will not think too much if I pay $1000 for a watch but this time I have to think again and again.

    Um....PASHA is a very nice watch but my wrist is very tiny (as J12 got a small version of 33 mm. so I plan to get that one) and my boyfriend use Pasha. I don't wanna be his twin :sweatdrop:

    J12 in my opinion comes with a very stunning design to me. It looks lovely. Eyery time I saw people wearing it on their wrist like to have one. :rolleyes: especially the white one. Anyway, the price is not that cheap :yucky:

    I ever try on Cartier Santos and love it ( I saw it more sporty than Tank) but my boyfriend said that Tank and Rolex looked better on me. That time I didn't get any watch home.

    Too many fake rolex. That's why I don't like rolex and the replica one looks real when you wear it on wrist. I couldn't see any different but the J12 replica is ugly and whiter than the real one.

    I might go back to consider about cartier :supacool:

    Thanks a lot for your time to give the opinion :smile: ....... really thanks for it!