Anyone buying the Graffiti pieces on Feb 2nd?

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  1. Hi all!

    I was just wondering if anyone here are buying any graffiti pieces on Monday, the day of the release? I figured since many TPFers purchased pieces of the Rose collection, i wanted to see who is going for the graffiti.

    as for me, i am purchasing the orange keepall. I am bubbling over with excitement for it.

  2. I'm getting the Rose Pochette, Rose Scarf and the Pink Graffiti Speedy since I didn't care for the Rose Speedy.
  3. I'm getting the orange zippy coin wallet. If I'm lucky since my store count on only to get 3-4 in stock.
  4. I want the keepall too but I can't afford it. :s Maybe next season. It's definitely time for me to buy new luggage though.
  5. Pink speedy & Pink keepall for me =D!!!
    can't wait!!!
  6. I really really really really really want the pink Grafitti speedy - but I work on monday so I will most likely not be able to go. Maybe they will pop up on elux like the Roses did?! I will cross my fingers.
  7. The Keepall in neon green!
  8. So does anyone know how limited the Graffiti will be? Are they going to be like Roses/seasonal? I'm not sure if I want the Pink Graffiti Speedy or NF, but since NF will be out 1 month later I can't compare which one's better for me. My SA suggested to buy Speedy first (if I like it), then don't use it until NF comes out and pick whichever I want....but I'm not really comfortable doing that much....
  9. question - right now its available at the soho store in New York correct, but it will be elsewhere on Feb 2nd?? I really want to save on tax and go through elux!
  10. I thought I wanted the graffiti Neverfull, but now I am not sure. I have the roses Neverfull and scarf and I really, really love these. I am just not sure that I feel the same about the Graffiti. I think I may save my money and put it towards another bag. ( dont hate me, but maybe a Chanel !! :graucho: )
  11. I'm getting the pink graffiti speedy on Monday.
  12. i already bought the pink neverfull and pink keepall from the soho store a couple weeks ago. i love them!
  13. I'm all over the board on the Graffiti collection. I was HOPING to decide between a Speedy and the Neverfull, but since the NF is pushed back, I'm probably getting a Speedy now.

    I just don't know if it will be pink or orange.

    I'll know when I walk out of the store with it.
  14. you guys all know that you can call the soho store and ask for the personal shopper (not sure if i can say his name here) and he can get you any item you want? they can ship it to you need to wait for items to become available in your area (unless you want to see it in person). i didnt get a chance to go the first day and they sold out of NF but he called me when the next shipment came in and thats when i bought it.=)
  15. Hmm, tempting....but I do want to SEE it.