Anyone buy the new Bugaboo Bee?

  1. Im interested in the bugaboo bee and was wondering if anyone had gotten it. Any reviews?
  2. That this one better than the camelean? (sp?) I want a new stroller too. Now I'm going to look this one up!
  3. the bee is lighter weight and more compact one than the cameleon.
  4. I have the chameleon and it is a great stroller. It has a bassinett for the baby and then a seat for a toddler. You can also use it with an infant car seat. The suspension is wonderful and it is very easy to push. It is also very stable and you can put your diaper bag on it and packages and it won't tilt over like the Maclaren. I learned that pretty fast with the Mac! I also like how it has a footmuff so you can really bundle up baby in the winter. The seat is padded, which makes it comfortable, but it can be a bit hot in the summer.

    Those are the pluses.....It is great for walking around the city, but only if you are just walking. It is much too big and heavy to carry up stairs, take on a bus, or a subway. Even when folded, it will only fit in a large trunk. If I want to take a taxi, I have to wait for one of the van cabs. It only has three positions, sitting up, reclining back, and reclining flat. Sometimes I wish it had a slight recline as an option; and a seat extension option like the Mac.

    I was very excited to hear that the Bee was coming out. I was hoping for something that would be light and compact; and good for travel. I was rather disappointed when I saw it. The seat seemed rather small and narrow even for a small toddler. I think a toddler will outgrow it very quickly. It does have a movable bottom seat and several reclining positions. It has these small "wings" on the side of the seat that seemed like it would be too hot in the summer right next to the baby.

    It folds rather compactly, but was still heavy. It is around 17 pounds, so not as heavy as the chameleon....but still not the lightweight stroller I was looking for. I also think the small narrow seat with those "wings" was a major drawback. If the seat was a bit bigger, it would be a much better stroller.
    I was glad I waited to take a look at it because I was ready to order it sight unseen when I heard about it.
  5. ^^^^ Thanks for the comparision. I have the Cameleon too and I love it soo much. The best stroller ever! It's really great to push. Of course it's not so small for the car and it's not really comfortable to take in to etro, bus etc. I also have a MacLaren Quest and it's everything I was looking for in a second stroller. It's light, small, easy to fold and it still has vairous seat positions.
    I was really thinking about getting a Bee, but I have to see it first and check how it work in reality.