Anyone buy the Minetta bag yet?

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  1. I got my PCE yesterday and the Minetta in peach rose and love red caught my eye. Anyone buy this bag yet? Is it lightweight?
  2. I have it in the chestnut and black pintuck. They are lightweight. I have not used either one yet, but I think they will be really comfy to carry. The peach rose caught my eye, too...I think I might add it to my little duo.
  3. I just ordered the Black Pintuck about five minutes ago! Your pics sold me. It's so pretty. Can't wait!!!
  4. I fondled it in Dillards twice yesterday. Lightweight but very put together. I'm just trying to decide what kind and if I dare wait for the outlet since I don't get the discounts. Loved the red which to me was more orange. I think the rose is beautiful too.
  5. Yay! I think you will love it!