Anyone buy the Galliera from Elux

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  1. I had been monitoring elux all day the 1st and when I asked them...they said they had it and it was sold out in a few hours!!! i was on the site and it was never listed!!! quite the conundrum...this makes me mad!!!:Push:
  2. I did see it last night and this morning. They had both the PM and the GM in stock. You probably have to just keep checking. Maybe it's your time zone. When I checked it was early here so it would have been really early out your way. Good Luck!
  3. I saw it this morning.
  4. GM was there last night. PM image was there but it was sold out...must have sold out once I logged on! I am waiting to see the size of the GM...Selena is promising to post some pics for us soon. The GM sounds huge!
  5. I saw it this morning too.
  6. hmmm...thanks you guys!! i thought I was being lied too, but this gives me hope:smile:...if I can get it, then it was meant to be
  7. If you go on now, it on Elux and also on LV site. You can always buy on the LV site
  8. dang, they only have the GM, I want the PM, but maybe I should just go for it
  9. I just got the PM!
    I also have been watching it all day and yesterday and took the plunge! I have to see it b/c I have no LV NEAR ME.
    I just got the Monty GM WHICH i LUV , SO WE'LL SEE.
    These are my only monogram besides the sonatine I got several years ago.
    I'm done for the year.
    Hope I love it.........
    There goes my yearly bonus(measly one).:tup:
  10. I'm happy for those of you that were able to find it!!! Congrats!
  11. so is sold out already?
  12. gm is up
  13. Yes, GM was on very late Friday night!

  14. I'll check it out.
  15. Check often because when I was looking for the neverfull it would pop up there and then be gone in minutes.