Anyone buy sweet monogram hair band?

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  1. I saw it one eluxury last week ago but it too late they out of stock. I called LV shop at Saks but they dont know and dont have it yet. I really like it. I call eluxury they say plz check it later. anyone had it plz show pic for me. I want to it comfortable for your head :smile: :confused1: . its 300$ but it so cute. I want to own one.
  2. i think someone on here posted pics in another thread. try a search.
  3. OMG I thought it was so adorable as well :heart:
  4. It's so cute but would definitely give me a headache. :sad:
  5. and it seems like it might catch your hair, way cute though.
  6. Very cute and I like it. But, I agree w/ rebecca, it would give me a headache
  7. Oh yes!! I want the pastel SOO bad!!
  8. it's very, very pretty! hopefully someone can post "IRL" pics
  9. I'm waiting for this to come in. I want to see if it will fit my daughter's head. My Gawd, I saw the hair pick one IRL. Although it's cute. Someone could get stabbed with it! Kinda dangerous.
  10. It is super cute.
  11. Hi guys. Does anyone have this sweet monogram hairband? Is it comfortable? I have sweet monogram haip pins and really like it. So, please if someone has this cute headband, reply!!! Thanks!!!
  12. I did have one, the flower fell off and they were unable to fix so got credit note.

    it was very tight fitting, and not comfy, deffo not for a child.
  13. Do you mean this one???? I wear it quite often. Yes, it was a little tight fitting but now it is ok.
  14. Thank you so much for your respond. Now I got the idea, it is probably a special occasion headband.
  15. No, I was wondering about LV sweet monogram golden headband with charms. The one that brass headband. But thanks for your respond.