Anyone buy sale bags from LUISAVIAROMA?

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  1. Wondering how the condition was, if it was a hassle if you are also in the US and if you rant into large customs fees. Thinking of ordering from them and wanted to check first.
  2. I ordered a gray shoulder. My customs were $67.
  3. Completely hassle-free and a good deal even with customs. I bought non-sale items and still got a great deal.
  4. I bought 3 planets and I love them. They came fast via fedex and nicely packaged with ribbon. Wasnt happy about the fedex customs bill I got. but it still ended up being cheaper than paying full price for them. After the fedex bill came I said I wouldnt buy from them anymore, but I think I would. What was a pain was the emailing back and forth for availability and payment, etc.
  5. What is their web site?
  6. I bought a BBag and a Chloe Paddington from them. Customs duties and taxes are unavoidable. Even with everything all in, way cheaper than what I would pay retail in my country. Customer service was better than I had hoped too.
  7. I'm in France, so no customs here and good customerservice, a little slow to reply to mails but great contact over the phone.

    Only thing the bags I bought went back because the leather had that plasticshine that some spring bags have.
    Return went well but if you have to get into that from the US it might get a bit complicated (customs x 2 etc...)
  8. Do i have to send them a mail on wich bags the have in stock just like aloha rags or how doe it work.
    Can anyone tell me???????????

    Thanx FX:heart:
  9. yup exactly FX! theyll send u an email with their current stock and colour availability... I alway love getting pictures from them:nuts::nuts::nuts: