Anyone buy Pursekets?

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  1. I am trying to order the Small Pursekets and they are out of all the colors I like. Has anyone ordered from them before? What are the rants/raves of Purseket?
  2. Yes I have a purseket but rarely use it LOL - My mum has one and loves it in here LV speedy 25 - it keeps you more organised LOL
  3. Did you get the Small or the Drop In for the Speedy?
  4. A medium one :smile:
  5. Thanks :smile:
  6. I'm sorry but what's a "pursekets"? Are they like organizer pouches or something? :weird:
  7. I have a small, medium, and a dropin. The drop in works best if you have a thin it can lean up against the side. I like the small for the speedy 25 and the medium for the 30. They ship quickly & work great.
  8. I saw them at the hairdressers. I wasnt that impressed. I prefer my zipped makeup bag. I can grab that and switch purses in record time!
  9. i have a leopard print medium pursket for my speedy 25. i like it, it gives the bag structure and keeps all my crap secure.
  10. I am on the fence about pursekets. Okay, near the fence. Okay, I can see the fence from where I am standing. The idea of a "quick switch" between bags (like the two minutes it takes me to empty a pocket full of lipgloss from one bag to another is too exhausting) has some appeal, but do these really work with unstructured slouchy bags like the Hogan Scout, etc? Also, they look a little bit grandmother-ish to me. Polka dot fabric? Please!
  11. i really don't buy into the whole 'quick-switch' thing, i just bought it to give my speedy some structure. it's not like it takes me a terribly long time to switch. and i like that it's in bright fabrics because bright fabric inside your bag makes it a TON easier to find things.
  12. But would they work in a very unstructured bag? Or would they just flop around and make a bigger mess?
  13. I have a speedy 30. I purchased a medium / leppard..It left one short side open, so I ordered the large/ beauty...The large covers and overlaps a little, but you can always tuck back a pocket for a better fit. Less in the bottom of my bag, easier to find stuff, and no sag!
  14. Go to This is a great wraparound pocketed organizer for your handbags.
  15. the pursekets are made of very rigid but bendable material, you roll them up to put them in and they expand to the edges of the interior, which is why they're great for large, slouchy satchels.