Anyone buy moissanite?

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  1. For those of you who haven't heard of moissanite - Home - Charles & Colvard®, Ltd. Created Moissanite

    After doing some research, I told my bf that I want a moissanite engagement ring and jewelry. I do not want to buy or wear "conflict" diamonds (don't want to start a heated discussion, just stating my opinion).

    Many jewelers are now carrying moissanite as an alternative to a diamond. Just curious if anyone here owns moissanite jewelry pieces! :smile:
  2. no but i've been *this* close to buying some! it's so pretty! more durable and better looking than cz's but not as expensive/contraversial as diamonds. i can't find earrings i like though.

    i love the way it sparkles, but it can face up a little too yellow sometimes in the larger carat sizes. for earrings/necklaces/band rings/etc it's fine, but i personally don't care for the engagement rings in the HUGE sizes (3-5 carats). something to keep in mind and find out what your particular preferences are.
  3. I am thinking that might be a solution to our problem.

    We are finally, after 8 years getting around to buying a ring and setting a date and I am so afraid of getting a blood diamond that I have been suggesting either a CZ or a lab-created diamond.

    My BF has bought me cz rings before (in nice gold settings) but for an engagement ring he is saying it has to be a "real" stone or else he will feel like a cheap fraud and his suggestion is a vintage diamond.

    I will have to see what he thinks about this as an alternate.

  4. I agree about engagement rings in large sizes. I don't want a big honkin' diamond, anyway - 1 to 1.5 carats would work for me :P

    robyn - Good luck with your ring decision! :smile: I would definitely check into moissanite.
  5. I have a 1ct equivalent ring in moissanite, and I love it! It's gorgeous, and I don't have all the "hang-ups" that I would if it were a "real" diamond. I've had it side by side with diamonds, and it looks as good if not better.

  6. Awesome! :nuts:
  7. Cristina you might want to check out this website.I know at least 20 women that have purchase these Asha simulants as an alternative to diamonds.
    Asha® Diamond Simulant - Loose Asha® Index

    These stones are absolutely beautiful IRL,I'd choose these over moissanite any day of the week.

  8. Thanks, Cat! Great Web site. I saved it in my favorites :nuts: The rings I saw there are gorgeous.
  9. I have 2 ct. moissanite stud earrings and they look great, but I can certainly tell the difference. They are almost too brilliant. Have you ever considered white Zircon? It is a real gemstone that looks just like an E/F colored diamond. Most people are aware of the blue Zircon. Zircon has a great refractive index. Go to They may still have some pieces. Good luck!
  10. I have a pair of 1 ct moissanite studs in a martini setting and I love them! They really do sparkle!
  11. Canadian diamonds are also a great alternative and are very, very beautiful.
  12. ^^^Yes, Canadian diamonds are also a good alternative! There's even a jewelry store here that carries conflict-free Canadian diamonds exclusively.
  13. I have moissanite studs and a tennis bracelet, and I adore them! The double refraction is exactly why I chose to go with moissies over diamonds for pieces that use smaller stones, like those in the bracelet. Definitely look at Bella Jewelry Company on eBay; their customer service is second to none and they ensure that you don't get the dreaded greenish tint on the stones they send you.
  14. I would like to get one but I'm hoping that they'll come out with pink at some point.
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