anyone buy from this ebayer before???

  1. what specifically are you wondering about them?
  2. are you asking about authenticity? You haven't said what specifically you are trying to get mroe info about.
  3. from the looks of it, it looks authentic to me. im just wondering if any tpf bought from her before, just in case she had tried pulling off a bait and switch thingy.

    PS: correct me if im wrong in anyway.
  4. ok, great, now people will know how and what to answer:yes:
  5. Hi Swanky,

    You've also changed your avatar. Very Valentine now:heart::tup:
  6. Swanky, I don't even know who you are anymore?! You sure have been changing the avatars A LOT lately! I hardly recognized you! :graucho:
  7. :winkiss:
  8. em i would also like to know if anyone bought from this seller and if they were happy?