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  1. I have been looking on their site for many months now and see wonderful bags and shoes as well as clothing. Has anyone here bought anything from them? I know they are based in Italy and everything looks to be authentic. Their prices seem in line with Neimans and not with these other sites that sell seconds. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I remember we talked about it before in this forum cant remember where exactly.. i've ordered once from their website, however, my credit card company declined my order when i called my bank up.. they said that the company is listed under their unauthorized companies and they refuse to deal with them.. dunno why but that got me to NOT buy from the website.
  3. Thanks for your response, which credit card company was it do you remember?? I think if I decide to buy from them I will call AMEX and ask them if they have come across anything with this site. Thanks again!