Anyone buy from Dell ?

  1. I'm interested in getting another laptop. Seems Dell has some great deal for what i'm looking for. Has anyone dealt with them and what are your thoughts ?

  2. I have a dell laptop that I got for my HS graduation in 2003. It's great! I have an Inspiron 5150 and it's lasted me since 2003 and I've never had a major problem with it!

    It did go weird on me for a little bit, when it was only showing 1/2 of the memory available, but one call to Dell's Warranty service (I got the 3-year plan) and they picked up my laptop, fixed it up free of charge (motherboard replacement plus a new BIOS or something?) and sent it back to me.
  3. DH and I love Dell. We are not Mac people :smile:
    All of our home computers and laptops are Dells and so is my office computer.

    I recently just bought a Dimension E521 Dell. It is a Vista Home Basic. Decided to try out Vista instead of XP, and IMO it is fantastic!
  4. we have had good luck with our inspiron 700, it is a few years old and has never had a problem that couldn't be fixed on our own.

    i am missing a couple of keys, but that is because of my children, and i spilled coffee on the keyboard...luckily i could replace the keyboard and nothing short circuited

    customer service, it was helpful when needed. in fact, they kept calling us to make sure everything was ok
  5. My original was a Dell, believe it or not, it lasted 8 years!! That's LONG for a computer !! I made the switch to mac, and love it, but if I ever were to go PC again, it would prob. be another dell.....
  6. i have a dell desktop and love it. they also have some very cute colored laptops right now that i have been eyeing. my desktop is two years old and no problems at all..
  7. Yes, I've had two machines so far, both Dell. I got my first desktop back around 2000 where a 10 gig hard drive was "plenty," LOL!!! No problems whatsoever, other than the HD maxxing out a few years later.

    I now have an Inspiron E1705 (laptop, wide screen style) and I've had it about a year. I did have a couple blue screening issues but found a registry mechanic utility that keeps things cleaned up.

    I come from the helpdesk/IT/laptop repair industry and work with a lot of people who fix a lot of laptops. Let's just say in the environment I come from you see a lot less Dell on the repair bench than other brands.
  8. Purely from experience dealing with UK Dell Desktops in a working environment, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole for a personal computer.
  9. Really? I bought a dell laptop after recommendation from a friend and so far so good. All my friends have Dell laptops and none of them have complained.

    What problems did you encounter with? The only thing I can think of is dell is now selling computers with Windows Vista, which is a big no-no in my book!
  10. ^^ thanks all :smile:
    Some good replies
  11. The major problem I encountered with Dell desktops was motherboards. At one point I was calling out a tech twice a week to replace motherboards.
  12. I will be formatting it and installing XP.. my fav!
  13. i have 2 friends and 1 cousin that all bought dell laptops and ALL of them have had to send them in for repairs at last 3-4 times the first couple of years they had them.

    I think the desktops are ok because we use those at my part time job, but i wouldn't buy a dell laptop for anything.
  14. i hate Dell.....
    Had a desktop in college but hated it and hated the CS. It broke on me all the time and tried to call CS, but could not understand what the guy was saying half of the time.:tdown:

    Currently have Dell laptop, but it is from work so I cannot do anthing about it. We have a Dell purchase plan thing from work which is pretty good, but I personally would not spend my own money anymore on Dell.

    My personal laptop is sony. I swear by them. I had a sony laptop previously, and it never broke on me. I think sony is better and they are not that much more expensive.