anyone buy balenciaga from nordstrom? read this...

  1. so when I was buying something from Nordstrom balenciaga yest I found out that they write down your entire credit card #, exp date and what you purchased on a note card and put it into this roledex type of thing to keep track of your purchases/returns. I am ok with the keep tracking thing, but to physically keep your entire CC # + exp. date makes me nervous. I asked the women why she was doing that and said " we sell so much balenciaga we have to keep track" which is BS..because they have had the same bags on there shelves since last year.

    what do you think about this?
  2. i personally think that's complete bs. that's what the Nordstrom SKU number is for. each bag will come with a unique sku number to keep track of purchases, returns. their computer system automatically stores your cc information-so that when you return, you don't even have to present your original card. i'm very skeptical as to the reason the woman gave you for keeping your entire cc number.
  3. Hmm...that would make me a little nervous.
  4. that would make me very nervous - and that is not Nordstroms policy at all. that is what the barcode is for. i would talk to the manager to see what's really going on, but it doesn't sound normal to me :nogood:
  5. I would also speak with a manager. Most stores don't want to be responsible for holding your CC number and all it's info.

    Speak with a manager......this is wrong.
  6. that sounds like really bad business practice. you should def. question them - and ask what and how your CC number have to do with the number of balenciaga's that they sell.

    i smell Bull%#*T!
  7. I agree...speak to the manager and ask for the info back that she copied....
  8. also i'd definitely watch your cc activity very carefully since she might be using your account info
  9. Sounds very shady! I don't think any store or company does that anymore. You should speak to manager and complain up the wazoo!! Good luck!
  10. yes, extremely shady...does she think you're a moron??? everything is computerized these days, it's not like they're a mom-and-pop store, and even some of them have caught up. there is NO reason this is necessary, and when you get an answer from the store manager (not just any manager but the manager of the entire store) then please let us know!
  11. It is newly ILLEGAL to keep credit card numbers on file. There was some law just passed on it, and this is why Louis Vuitton cannot return without asking your credit card number, again. They used to be able to, but they informed me that business CANNOT keep your card number on file.
  12. What an odd thing...sounds fishy to me!
  13. I agree with everyone else. I watched the Dateline special on identity theft last night and store employees stealing numbers was one of the ways that people get their card numbers stolen. I would call the manager as well.
  14. It's more than merely shady. It's illegal.
  15. I'm jumping on the band wagon. It doesn't sound nor feel right. It's a huge liability issue for them and well for you it's simply dangerous. Personally, I'd start with speaking to the manager, at the very least get your info off that rolladex right away. Proceed on to the store manager, district manager, regional manager...etc. if this issue isn't taken as seriously has you think it should. Good Luck and thanks for the heads up on this one.