Anyone buy any clothes at the Chanel sales??

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  1. Just wondering if anyone got any cool new clothes at the sales? Have you seen any wonderful jackets or sweaters? How much were they running in price? Just wondering if its possible for me to find a jacket I can afford? I hope so!!!:rolleyes:
  2. There are some tweed jackets that are a little bit over 4k. That's after 40% off already
  3. Nah, just shoes. I wanted to try some things on but I didn't have time!
  4. I did! I bought a tweed jacket for ~2.5K after 40% off! Some sweaters and cardi were running $800-1600. I hope you find something!
  5. I got a mid thigh length tweed jacket last season for around $1900 and a black/white/grey strip tunic top for around $400 during the sale, but typically I stick to bags, accessories and shoes. There is a cute sleveless black sweater dress with a squiggly down the front that I have my eye on, but I am waiting until the after Christmas sale b/c the SA said the sale merch would be an additional 25% off.
  6. i got a black peacoat !
  7. Please reread my post "Did anybody buy and clothes at the sales"? and give me your opinion on the jackets I put a link up for. I am just craving a Chanel jacket and need to get the best price. Are they nice, which one? or am I just desparate??? This size doesn't come along too often either, so I am feeling "pushed". THANKS:nuts::upsidedown::love:
  8. hmmm you started another thread just for that?
  9. Well, I am so sorry if this post offended you for some reason. Some of us may not have as much money as others and I was hoping to get some good natured opinions before the auction closes. After all, there is even a post in here about shopping at Salvation Army......I guess its an equal opportunity board,after all.
  10. ^ err this post didn't offend me but it should be under the shopping forum or authenticate this thread if you're asking for opinions on the auction? it's not about having much money as others, you're going OT here. it's just that you don't double post to get attention for a thread you ALREADY posted. the mods will shift this to wherever is appropriate. sometimes you have to understand the forum doesn't move as fast, especially now it's the weekend and holiday season.
  11. ok, will post under the shopping forum. I don't know how to move the thread.