Anyone buy an LV return it and then really miss it...

  1. Some time ago I bought the PH and returned it for the LH which I love and need for work...PH was too small for a everyday work bag...anyhow every time I see one I love it and it makes me miss it....I loved the PH but, it did not fit everything in it for work....maybe I will get one eventually for evening and weekends since I prefer shoulder bags over hand the design of the PH...I have recommended the PH to family and friends that love my speedy and LH...maybe one of them will get one and I can borrow it...mind you I would hate to lend my LV handbags out even to my LV
  2. I returned my geranium L'aimable...i wish i hadn't...but I think it was too "grown up" for my style...
  3. I love your LH though lvpug, it is my inspiration! :love:
  4. Yeah, a few months ago I returned a black MC Trouville. Someday she'll be back and a keeper!
  5. My Mom returned her Damier Papillon 30 and now I want it. LOL.
  6. Yeah, I was debating exchanging my groom keychain to get a wapity sooner but realized I'd seriously regret I'm just going to have to wait til after christmas to get my wapity, but thats ok!
  7. That's why I never return. I know I will regret it!
  8. Yes, My large bucket, Ellipse Moyen Modele. I am going to have to buy them again soon, as they were main staples for my everyday life. Casual, fun, and easy to carry.
  9. fortunately i've never returned anything. i was tempted to return my Suhali L'Epanoui GM once without ever using it, but then the very next day i decided to use it, and after that banished all thoughts of returning it :lol:
  10. not really, i exchanged a damier papillon 26 recently for a damier speedy 30, and so far i have absolutely no regrets........ the speedy fits so much more and i love the rolled vachetta regrets
  11. LOL...that's how I normally feel, but i made my first return about a month ago, I returned a reade pm, was just too took me 3 more visits but I finally got the no regrets ;)
  12. no returns here yet either.
    the good news is you can get the PH down the road, it's not going anywhere.:yes:
  13. i've returned my mini noelie in monogram because i got a mini noelie in cherry...i don't think i regret either of them because i used the mini noelie in cherry once and sold it.....i don't miss the monogram one either ~_~...the other one i've returned is the mini lin bucket and i must say, i don't miss it one bit
  14. It was returned the same day that I got it because of the size. I hate returning thing and usual never return handbags. The PH did not fit all my items for work unfortunately but, I thought it was super cute and now every time I see one I think ohhh what a cute casual bag. It is funny because I never seem to have enough bags or I tell myself that I need a variety of sizes and shapes. The other day I was pondering...ohhh how nice would it be to have the white MC in the PH style for summer. The PH in daimer and daimer azur would be gorgeous as well...Love the design of the PH but, IMO it is not really a tote...some people classified it as a tote. LV really is addictive. I remember reading a post where a girl was not using her speedy that often sold it and then missed it and had to get a new one. After reading that I decided I better not sell my speedy because I too would probably miss it and want another one....starting to realize you can never have enough LV!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this nice to know that other people who have returned something(for whatever reason) actually miss the item that they people with PH wear them too
  15. Rensky,

    Why don't you miss the mini lin bucket? I was thinking about getting that as well....