Anyone buy a preloved with a lock and no key?

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  1. I just got my preloved Chelsea today and low and behold the seller tells me she forgot the key. She says she looked for it and doesn't think she has it. Of course the lock is locked on the bag. I called LV and they told me they would have to cut the lock, true? Blah, what a waste of a nice lock, although the seller said she would send me a new lock and key.

    If my lock is # 309 won't a 309 key fit if LV has one in the store?
  2. I know that bigger LV stores carry all the keys (it's like their master lock for cases like this). They have it on a large key ring and if you bring it in and tell them you've misplaced the keys, they'll just open it for you and give you the lock back. I've heard that some LV stores will also cut the lock (because they don't have the master key ring). Either way, it is possible to get the lock off. And you're right that if the key number and lock number match up, they can operate with each other, but not all stores carry key/lock #309 (it's just a random set after all). You're better off buying a whole new set for $40 (repair part).
  3. The Louis Vuitton store has a master key so no need to cut it off. If you can find the same numbered key it will work🎉
  4. Yes, most LV store has spare keys so they can open the lock for you. I bought a luggage with a lock without key and my local LV store found one and gave it to me. Good luck!
  5. I just called my local LV and they took my name and # and will get back to me. EIther way, I will have a cut lock or a lock with no key. lol
  6. Ya know, in all the years I've owned an LV with a lock I've never taken it off after putting it on the first time. :smile:
  7. I've had one opened and then apparently at the same store, they couldn't open the second one so cut the lock. The first time I also got a free lock and key set whereas the second time, my old one was cut and no new one was provided!

    I don't use my padlocks at all anyway so it really makes no difference to me lol
  8. I've had LV remove locks from bags before; they just used a master key. Never had a lock cut off!! I've never bothered asking for replacement sets as they just annoy the life out of me and end up shoved in a drawer.
  9. Not necessarily. You can buy a #309 key on ebay for about $25. Or once they unlock the bag at the store, just buy a brand new lock and key. Not sure how much they cost, it might also be cheaper to buy a new lock and key off eBay.
  10. just wondering if any of you have had luck with a boutique having the old vintage keys? I bought a vintage speedy several years ago and on and off have been looking for the key. But in all this time I've never found it. It is number 209. At the time that I bought the bag, I lived closer to a boutique than I do now. For me to travel to a boutique is about an hour and some change drive. I always wondered if there really was a master key ring with literally all the keys out there somewhere. Lol
  11. Some LV will give you a key. It depends if you are friend with the SA or if the SA are nice. I got few keys for free when I lost mines. I also got a new set of lock and keys and gave them my old one without keys. Not hurt to try and ask if they have a key to open it. Don't cut it. You can even sell the lock on eBay. I am sure someone will have a key to match your lock and want to buy it.

  12. Just purchased a speedy 30 with an attached lock #314 and no key. I was able to find a used lock and key on ebay, same number 314. Arrived today and the purchased key worked on the first lock. So now I have two locks I can use on my bags and the key works for both. :smile:

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  13. I need a key for a Vintage Louis Vuitton lock with number 423. Does anyone out there have one or know where I can get one? I have checked out ETSY sites and have had no luck! Thanks.
  14. Try Sears
  15. mean Sears that has closed throughout the US? I don't understand.