Anyone buy a Cabas Mezzo from LV lately?

  1. I just bought a new Cabas Mezzo over the weekend from the LV boutique at Saks and though I love it, I'm kinda worried that maybe I got a fake?? I noticed that the zipper pulls and the shape of the brass squares holding the straps to the bag are different from the Cabas Piano I bought last year. Does anyone know if they changed the design of the hardware recently? Also, I thought that the inside pocket of the Mezzo was supposed to have a zipper? My bag doesn't have a zipper for the inside pocket! I didn't even look at the bag until I got home. =( At the boutique, they just showed me the display bag and when I said I wanted to take it, they told me they would get me a fresh one and wrap it up for me, which they did out of sight. But now, I'm worried I got a fake that was returned to the store or something. Does anyone know if they just tweaked the design a little? Everything else seems pretty legit and I don't want to go to the boutique to ask unless I'm pretty sure my bag is off...Thanks for any insight!
  2. I can't imagine how you would get a fake from an LV boutique!?! While I do not own this bag, I am sure yours is authentic. They have changed hardware before on other bags so it's definately possible! Don't worry!
  3. Yes..LV changed the zipper pull and the pocket inside the bag, instead of zipper pocket, it's onlu flap pocket.I believe they did that early this year..It makes me mad because LV is getting so "cheap" on us but keep increasing the price..

    It happens to other bags too..change the hardware to cheaper one eg: damier papi and belem..
  4. i bought my mezzo in february. the inside pocket does have a zipper but i remember reading on a previous thread that lv changed the inside pocket and the newer ones don't have zippers. what does the hardware on the outside of your bag look like? i'm sure your bag is authentic though. :smile:
  5. ^^^Yep, just changed...I would never worry about any LV boutique.
  6. Oh thanks for confirming the change in hardware and the zipper pocket thing! I was really getting nervous! I mean, I know the chances with getting a fake from the boutique are slim...but sometimes I wonder if a return from a shady character gets mixed in, you know? The zipper pulls are much lighter in weight than on my Cabas Piano (and a different shape- not rectangular like the old ones) and the corners of the brass squares are rounded, not like the old squares, which were more angular (old hardware is on the eluxury website).

    But yeah, its crazy how they keep increasing prices and the quality isn't even as good as it used to be!
  7. Relax! You're bag is probably just fine. I would be more concerned if it wasn't from a primary source. Enjoy your bag and congrats!
  8. i love the flap it just me? lol..

    but i'm almost 100% sure that you didnt get a fake from a boutique..

    congrats on your new bag! :yahoo:
  9. ^'s annoying...but oh well..
  10. yeah I'm sure yours wasn't a fake but I didn't know they changed the hardware :confused1: . I got my cabas mezzo a couple years ago so mine has the zipper pocket.
  11. :yes:
    i think getting a fake from lv is impossible
  12. Of course it´s not fake if it´s from an LV boutique.