anyone buy a bag from ShopRapunzels before?

  1. I bought a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Morning After in Chocolate from shoprapunzels and received it today.
    However, when I opened the box I was REALLY disappointed. The didn't ship the bag in a Minkoff dust bag. :sad:

    I emailed customer service but did not get a reply yet. knowing that RM does include dust bags with her bags and not receiving one is disappointing. :tdown:

    Anyone else who has ordered a RM from shoprapunzels... did you receive a dust bag with your order?
  2. That's frustrating! Their CS is pretty good...hopefully, you'll hear from them soon!
  3. Yes, I've ordered from them and recieved dust bags. How frustrating:tdown: Hopefully CS can straighten that out.
  4. I've ordered from shoprapunzels two weeks ago and this past week received my handbag (Botkier). It came with a dust bag, but before I ordered I did a "live-chat" with a CS rep and asked specific questions like: "do you include dust bags with this particular item? Are there any markings in the bag?" I know that Shoprapunzels does not accept returns so I did my homework. Keep emailing a CS or a manger sometimes persistance pays off!