1. Okay. I've done the Rolex, Cartier and most recently Patek Phillipe. I'm curious about Breitling ladies watches. Does anyone have one and what are your thoughts on quality, warranty, etc?
  2. Hi I was looking at the brand, decided to get a patek, I have a cartier and rolex already, if you wanted another watch brand, I would look at something else or another rolex. I have no idea what the something else would be!! I would buy a love bangle or something. You have really nice brands of watches already. A pasha would be nice. I am sure that some people on here have Breitlings and some pictures of them might reveal a nice one for you!
  3. ^^ Thanks! I am ready for a sportier watch. Totally sick of Rolex (doesn't keep accurate enough time for me) so was thinking the Breitling would fit the Round Face need.
  4. i bought a Breitling for DH and the quality is exceptionally good and is accurate (as he's was certified or something to be accurate)

    However, i find the ladies watches are quite big and chunky.

    I find the range to be sporty and funky. Its not a classic watch in the sense of Rolex or cartiers etc.. That's why i got it for him

    If you want accurate time, make sure it's certified.
    I forgot the term for it, but will ask DH when he gets back

    EDIT: its called Chronometer {Officially certified chronometer (C.O.S.C.)}
  5. I love Breitling, especially their Bentley edition watches.

    It is on SO's to-buy list for himself :smile:
  6. I'm a fan of the Bentley watches and as a girl would have no problem wearing such a big watch, currently wear a Rolex Submariner
  7. I love my breitling more then my rolex and cartier! The ladies winder cockpit isn't that chunky at all. But then again I dont think my J12 is chunky LOL!
    Here's a pic that I took awhile back.
  8. I saw them always goes on every sale season and not a fan of it.

    How about Corum?
  9. I adore Breitling. But I've learned a lesson about buying expensive watches. For instance, I bought a Cartier Tank Francaise. Fine, I saved up the $$ and was able to buy it. But when I needed to get it cost $500!!!! to repair. So I think my expensive watch days are over! I want a watch that can take a beating. Tag's are good. Rolex's are good. NOT Cartier. I've learned my lesson.
  10. Vixy,
    I love your watch! It looks great!

  11. OMG really? $500 to fix? I've been lucky that no Cartier of mine has needed repair. I took my Roadster in to be polished and cleaned and Cartier even offered me a loaner while they worked on my watch. I was so impressed with the service. I'm so sorry you had to pay so much - that would be awful!

  12. That is gorgeous!
  13. Totally Gazoo, I was not even thinking about getting another watch! I am awaiting for my Patek to arrive, now thanks to Vixy, I have to get that watch!!Lol!!!

    I have totally changed my mind now, Gazoo, Breitling watches are pretty cool. I didnt know a watch as nice as Vixy's existed. Thanks to your thread, I have to get it!!Lol!
    Good luck with whatever you decide and please post pics!Lol!
  14. hi! i have the breitling ss callistino with mop diamond dial and bezel. i have owned it for over a year and love it. :tup:

    attn sammyjoe: i tried to pm you, in response to your pm to me, and it would not submit. i can not post pics of my watch but if you go to the pricescope forum and search for a poster named matatora and her breitling watch you will see the callistino. mine has a different band as it is a later model. the callistino is discontinued but i liked it so much i called around the us to authorized dealers and found one in a b&m and was able to get a good discount since it was discontinued. matatora loved the watch and got lots of compliments on it on pricescope. i believe she once stated that it had been run over by a car and came out ok. you can check that out on ps if you like. good luck! :smile:
  15. Oh no why would they discontinue the Callistino? That was the one I was leaning towards.... (wimper)