Anyone brave enough to get a nomade yet?

  1. I really love the looks of the, so beautiful. I have had it in my cart at elux for awhile...

    But in my :heart: I know it's not practical at all.

    My SA told me, they are suppose to wear gloves when they saw them, but they don't....she said how the heck are we suppose to sell them if we worry people by wearing gloves to handle them!

    What are your opinions?
  2. I love to have speedy just for the sake of it but I don't know if I can do it. I am not that delicate with my bags..

  3. I would love the have the Nomade Alma...but def not as a practical everyday bag...I just love the look and feel of Nomade...
  4. I'd get the agenda if I ever use one - I think it adds character if it's used for a while with the scratches and stains and all. (kind of like a well-used Bree bag) :P But I would not get a big LV piece in that leather, too much money, and the cuteness is lost with the wear and tear on an elegant LV bag.
  5. I would definitely love to own a Nomade piece...the Alma perhaps. I love the color of that leather.

    This particular Nomade is the one which is pretreated so I don't think it'll patina much (perhaps mostly the handles). If I ever buy a Nomade, I'd go for the treated Nomade rather than the untreated.
  6. I saw the card holder and love the leather, looks very neat
  7. The scratches would bother me until there were enough to calll it patina. Love the look of it & the smell of the leather mmmmmmmmm.
  8. looks gorgeous!!
  9. Gorgeous, but really impractical. If you want your bags to look great over the years, the Nomade is a "No-go". :s

    I went to the LV store on 34th Street Macy*s here in the city and the sales guy, SG lol, was showing me his Nomade wallet. He said at first it looked cool :supacool: with the scratching and aging of the wallet but then over time, after having it kept in his jeans pockets, it picked up alot of dirt and it absorbed the blue dye from his jeans pockets. Now he regrets getting it b/c it looks nasty today. :yucky:

    Very gorgeous leather, wonderful colour, but simply far too fragile for me. Especially to invest in a bag! :Push:
  10. I have been obsessing over a nomade lockit PM..I love the vertical but feel it may be too large for general use? The nomade range is stunning IRL:love: Has anyone purchased any nomade bags?