Anyone bought Violet with Gold HW?

  1. If any of you guys bought this...Do you think it looks just as good as the Silver? Like I need something else to agonize over...:girlsigh:
    How does this combo look? Can someone post a picture? :search:I havent seen one yet.
  2. :tup:Yeah....I`d like to know too.
  3. ^^As of Saturday at around 4pm EST they still had a Grape City w/Gold HW at BalNY.
  4. Thank you Bern for the photo...That's all I needed to push me over the B-Bag edge...:nuts: I think I like it! :yahoo:
  5. Your welcome!

    I hope you find her :smile:
  6. i think the violet look better with GGH!! I am in love with it.. i hope you get it :smile:
  7. Thanks Galex...Do you have it? I think its starting to grow on me although I really do love my silver one...:yes: