Anyone bought the same bAg again after returning it

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  1. I don't even think I deserve a Louis Vuitton bag, due to the fact it has been 3 weeks since I returned Golden arrow and I still not sure what I want, so much that I rang London today to find out if there is still golden arrows as now I think I should buy it again,
    I have been on here 24 /7 for 3 weeks reading, learniing and looking at your beautiful items absorbing all your advise,

    I prob was the first. To get the golden arrow so not a lot of posts aware on here other than a lot of you not liking the buckle but it is a magnetic closure,
    I didn't like the structure it was very boxy but on the same score my friend has a speedy and I didn't like the way it sagged when carrying if nothing in

    I then decided I would look at every bag on website but I seemed to have a negative about everyone I decided on

    Booked to go to Edinburgh all excited about having a new bag wallet purse charm ( so much more thatn ga)

    Then I liked the Olympe this s even more so I contradicted myself swapping for more

    Then I like a shoulde for cross body but it's cold in uk so with coat on doesn't always look good

    So still 3 weeks later I still haven't a clue. Please share your thoughts if your not fed up of me already xxx

    If I was a millionaire I wouldn't be having these problems
  2. I bought and returned the eva clutch three times...before I fell in love and kept it!!!:roflmfao: and I did the same with my odeon pm!!
  3. I bought the Tivoli GM almost two years ago but then returned it a few days later because I thought it was heavy and I wasn't sure about the handle straps. I always thought to myself later on that it was the bag that got away and so a week and a half ago I bought it again and I am very happy I did. I hated that I wish I would have kept it feeling. I say get the golden arrow! I think it looks beautiful in person I admit I was not sure if I liked it based on pictures but once I saw this bag in person it looked beautiful. The Golden Arrow will not be around long so I wouldn't let it get away.
  4. I"M Guilty
  5. If you returned it, there was something you didn't love about it. I think these bags are too expensive to not be sure about them. Every LV I've brought home I've been estatic about (there have not been many, because I can't afford the collection I'd like to have!)... if you're not absolutely thrilled, it's not something that you need.

    Your indecisiveness sounds like you really, really want a new LV (which is exciting!) but there just isn't one that has you gaga yet. I say wait until you do find something you love.
  6. I think I've done it more than once >.<
  7. Bought returned an item after an hour but after several other bags later I rebought it again
  8. You are probably so right , as stupid as it is I think it's expensive but then so is the artsy, lumi and odeon and ga is ltd and unique

    Everyone says the artsy is heavy
    The lumi is fab but a bit shopper style
    The Olympe is not something I would normally go for but is different and inside fab but again more money
    If I got a mon monogramme speedy that would be like ga but cheaper as no one would have my design,
    The speedy emp is fab but to small and I dont know if they will ever bring 3o out
  9. Ask yourself if you really like the golden arrow then get it !! It's what's calling you!
  10. I know this is off topic, but are we allowed to return our purchase/s? The SAs in my local store mentioned that LV never had a return policy, only store credit :confused1: I called the hotline to confirm and she said they don't do returns to. But it appears that you guys are able to return it?
  11. a million times :shame:
  12. I am glad I am not the only one! I bought the Berkeley twice and even thought about it getting it again! There have been a couple of bags that I have returned and look at again to get thinking everyone else likes them so I must be missing something. In the end, I really returned it for a reason and need to stop second guessing myself. Usually your first reaction is the right one. I was at LV yesterday for about 2 hours and tried on almost every bag and could not decide. I was getting myself all stressed out, thankfully the SA was a very patient woman. The accessories I know right away if I like or not but the purse thing I am all over the board trying to make a decision. I saw the golden arrow as well, it is stunning. If you are not sure, it is ok. It is a lot of money to spend on something you are on the fence about. It is ok not to find out now that you like, maybe save up and find out that really catches your eye!
  13. Yep! My Artsy MM.
  14. Lol I sold my Neverfull GM only to buy it back again
  15. I returned my NF MM at Christmas and I turned around in July and bought the GM. I think it boiled down til I was mentally ready for that bag lol