Anyone bought Rose Shawl?

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  1. I'm still thinking if I should get the Rose Shawl. It's pretty, but not sure if I can justify the price at $890. I bought the thin silk scarf, which I love, but since I love other Sprouse shawl texture, I don't know if I should let this one pass......

    Does anyone have this shawl already? I appreciate if I can see some modeling pics??:confused1:
  2. My SA has one pink for me,but she can not sell it yet,have to wait to
    15 january,I was told.
    But when she sends it to me,I will post pics.:yes:
  3. I think they are worth every cents, the stoles and shawls are tdf.
  4. I saw a lot of people wearing them when I was at the Soho store for the launch and they looked really amazing-I think it is worth the price, you can wear it for years to come.
  5. I bought a pink one but it hasn't arrived yet -- if I can figure out how to post pictures, will do it -- I think I should have it by Wed or Thurs.
  6. I love the texture of the scarf for sure, I guess I'm really ticked off by LV jacking up price for the rose shawl...... still hoping someone to post some modeling pics!
  7. Definitely worth the price, I am getting both colours!
  8. I have the fushia & love it. Been thinking about getting the other color. The texture is similar to the leopard, and it would probably snag easily if you aren't careful. Other than that, I love it!!! I wore it today with a black suit & got many compliments!
  9. I like it a lot but I can't really see myself wearing it all that much. If it goes with your style you should definitely get it.
  10. I think it's beautiful in the pics I have seen, but I can't justify the price tag right now. That's a lotta dang money for what it is!! But that's just me, I could never spend that much on a clothing item--a bag is a totally different story!
  11. It is gorgeous IRL ... I was tempted but the price tag is a little high, but then again it is a really stunning piece!:love:
  12. I would love to see modeling pictures of this! It's so pretty, I'm envious of you lucky ducks who bought it!
  13. Can you post some modeling pics for us????:winkiss:
  14. ^^pretty please! I'm dying to see this "in action"!
  15. I ordered it and it should arrive today! I have the other SS stoles and love them-I know they are spendy but they are so easy to wear and comfortable to wear that I usually get more use out of them than the bulky MONO scarves.