Anyone bought products from

  1. I know this is a Hong Kong based company and they have a wide selection of products and offer free shipping to the states w/ purchases over $50 which is easy. I'm really interested in purchasing some SK II products but do they sell authentic items??? Anyone actually get theirs authenticated at a store? Thanks!!!!!!!!
  2. I've never purchased from the website but SASA sells authentic stuff. I purchase a ton of stuff there when I travel to Hong Kong.
  3. Thanks for this helpful thread!! I was wondering the same thing.. I was going to pick up some Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo/conditioners... but I saw that they had other awesome stuff.. like MAKEUP lol :p
  4. i've purchased a bunch of stuff from their site. i was a bit worried about the international aspect at first, being my first international order, but delivery was great and everything arrived heavily bubble wrapped and well protected. i would definitely order from them again!

    i've never purchased any of their higher end stuff as i purchase most of my stuff at duty free, but i found this cute japanese line that's not available anywhere else that i've seen, as well as some cute hand lotions for stocking stuffers and it worked out great. i say go for it! :woohoo:
  5. yea they are legit. i love shopping at the stores in HK.
  6. SASA sells authentic stuff I am pretty certain of that. I used to get my skincare and perfumes from their shops in Asia. The reason they keep prices low is because they are parallel importers for Asia Pacific region.

    One of my favorite products is a Japanese stencil for eyebrow trimming which comes in 3 eyebrow shapes. Each is roughly T-shaped with a flat handle at the base. I bought 1 for myself, my sister, and some friends including a make-up artiste who absolutely loves it.

    See it here:
    Most of the time out of stock in Sasa shops, gotta pre-order them. I don't seem to find it on their online store though.
  7. hmmm i've seen this at my local japanese supermarket and was never quite sure what to make of it-i'll have to give it a try! :smile:

    edited to add i'm still not really clear on how exactly it's used-i already have eyebrow stencils but have a little troubling trimming. could you explain how exactly you use this? TIA!!!
  8. That's an awesome tip! I'll see if I can find any in the stores down here.
  9. okay i got it now.....apparently the sleep deprivation is really getting to me :noggin:
  10. Thanks guys!!! This was extremely helpful and most importantly, now I can order =) and about the eyebrow thing, I think I saw it at this Japanese supermarket I go to too. Does it come in pink yellow and blue or something? and its like a mini shaver? I never saw a stencil though.. and does it create a high arch?? Please let me know! and what brand is it?
    Thanks so much!
  11. You're welcome :smile: I think the eyebrow guide (ok so stencil might not be the right word) comes in blue, purple, and pink. I got the blue one, that's the most natural looking shape. I think purple is the thinnest - can't remember, anyway the shape is indicated by a cut-out on the top corner of packaging, if you can't read Japanese. It's not a shaver. It's a piece of shaped plastic you place over your brow like a marquee, then you trim or shave the excess hairs that are not covered. As everyone has a different eyebrow shape, you can angle it in such a way it covers most of your brow. You can create high arches if you wish, just angle the ends a little higher up. You can fully customize your brow with this tool. Hold it steady and trim around it. Repeat for other side. Without it I take about half an hour to trim my brows. With it, just 5 minutes! Brand is KAI. Doesn't cost you the sky.